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Another option that is supposed to be truely remarkable is the Phasure NOS1a. It's praises have been sung over on computer audiophile for sometime and it is regarded as one of the most absolutely pure and accurate dacs. It is not a plug and play solution though and takes some patienceto setup.
Dang. I have to be in a wedding that day. Would have loved to make it. I really want to hear the directstream.
$10k is an odd place on the money scale. It is firmly in the ultra-fi realm but not to the Berkeley RS/Kalliope/Esoteric/Davinci/money-is-no-object realm. But I'll take a stab with where I would start: PS Audio DirectStream and Bricasti.
Is there anyone here? Just got a QB-9DSD. Absolutely superlative. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't gotten a little more attention on head-fi given it's relatively small size and desktop suitability. I guess it is a bit expensive and Ayre makes no headphone centric electronics so it's not on most radars. I did ask an Ayre employee a while ago if a headphone amp might be in the works and they did say it was on the agenda. Maybe call it an Ax-9?   Hello?....hello? ... hello?...
It sounds like it is functioning properly and you are bitstreaming using DoP. When using the DoP signaling scheme it disguises the DSD64 signal as a 176k 24bit PCM stream so that the USB Audio 2.0 standard can be utilized for driverless function. Using the Windows ASIO driver you can avoid using DoP and stream directly, but I don't know if this is possible right now with Mac. I think exaSound makes an ASIO mac driver for their dacs, but they are the only one so far.
Give them some time to break-in as they will loosen up a fair bit and maybe some of that ease and fullness you are missing will come back. What sold me on the LCD-3F was the degree of-I guess I would say- effortless detail they present relative to the LCD-X and some other headphones. I agree that the bass is leaner but more articulate.
Maybe it needs a new thread, but the UltraDAC just showed up recently on Moon Audio site:   Looks like final price is $3300, definitely another league up in price right there with the Vega, Ayre QB-9DSD and other big choices. Then again, it is for a combined unit. Did anyone following the thread get to check out the UltraDAC at RMAF?
In my personal experience, I still run the original firmware on mine and never updated it because I felt no need. The accounts I from NAD directly was that the firmware changes only ever reduced the volume output by 1dB to prevent digital clipping highly compressed recordings. I honestly haven't looked for improved USB performance by chaning the firmware. That said, I think the inputs are all good, but to me a VERY good SPDIF converter gives better performance over the...
No. Probably more of a reflection on the amps than the M51. I've used it into both types and found its sound consistent.
An external power supply isn't a bad thing. Lumin, Auralic Aries, and many others have external power supplies. Audio Research has done it with their top level preamps. It helps keep the supply noise away from the critical bits inside. It would also be in the same spirit of iFi's previous products which have an external power supply upgrade (iUSB Power, perhaps the most important of their first products for widespread adoption beyond head-fi.) Maybe it will be a (very...
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