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Definitely try the ATH M50s, they're good, well built and not that expensive.    The Sennheiser HD 598s are awesome too (they're open though) and they cost under $200.
There's a thread on this:
I like the AKG K550s, they're really wide sounding, and sound like an open set of cans (even though they're closed).
Hey, I use my Beyerdynamic DT770s in 80Ohms at the library, and I crank them up pretty high, and no one can hear the music I'm playing. The sound isolation is good also, I really can't hear anything other than my music. I switched the stock velour pads with the original Beyerdynamic leather pads and that improved the bass and the sound isolation.
Audio Technica ATH-M50s are really good, especially if you pair them up with an external amp.. Also the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros.
Hey Edoardo!   -I would start by getting an external amp to go with your iPod (look for something like the FIIO E7, FIIO E11, FIIO E12)   -Then I would get an LOD Cable (it's a cable that plugs into your iPod via the 30pin connector and plugs into your external amp via 3.5) this disables the iPod's internal DAC, which provides un-amplified music straight to your external amp and then to your headphones.   -If your budget allows it, look for some headphones.. A pair...
I wouldn't even consider the 32ohm version; even if you wanted/needed to go mobile, you still have your E09K. I have the 80ohm version and the bass is great.. I haven't tried the 250ohm ones. You can really point out where the instruments are coming from, so soundstage is pretty good (at least in this price range).
I have the DT 770s in 80 Ohm and the E12, I think they're a great combination.. I listen to a lot of trance/industrial and it sounds amazing.. Haven't tried the E11 though.
The AKGs are nice, I cant speak for the Sennheisers but if it were me I would probably watch tons of video reviews on YouTube and then decide. Good luck buddy!
Also, you could buy any set of headphones and get something like a Jabra Clipper (bluetooth transmitter). They have a mic built in, and you don't lose THAT much quality.
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