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Hello! Consider getting the latest iPod Classic in 160gb and Rockbox it. It's a really simple process and it allows you to play and manage your files completely without iTunes.
Is isolation a priority? Are you going to drive them with your cell phone/mp3 player or computer?
Hey.. so I'm guessing isolation isn't a priority since you'll be using them mainly at home (iPad) so I would go with the Sennheisers.. They have way better soundstage than the M50s and I believe the bass on the HD 449s will satisfy your needs..
Where did he go? 
Beats by Dre usually increase bass by something like 20 dB, making it muddy and artificial.. If you want a good set of headphones, get the Audio Technica ATH M50s.. They're a bargain and the build quality is amazing.
ATH M50s!    -Tight/clean bass -Easy to drive -Excellent build quality/price -Great aesthetics    It's a great first purchase.. Also, try to get the ones with the coiled cable, they're much easier to carry around.
Go with the E12 + iPod combo (unless your iPod isn't working properly).. The X3 would be more of an addition to the E12, at least in my opinion.
A friend of mine has them and he said the cable's fine.. As with any other headphones, you have to be careful.
The built in EQ obviously helps, but an amp is the best option.
Go with the Momentums.. The MM550s are great too, but I don't know.. Im not a fan of active noise canceling.
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