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Hey guys, I wanna get a DAC for my computer.. Im in between the FIIO E10 and the Audioengine D1. This will be my setup: iMac > DAC > DT770 Pro 80 Ohm and I'll be playing 16/44, 24/96 and some 96/192 FLAC/ALAC files.   What other DACs do you guys recommend? I have a $250 limit.. Thanks a lot!
I agree with SomeGuyDude, V-Modas all the way. Not to bash on Beats but seriously, they don't sound as good. If you want looks and high quality audio go with the V-Modas. Also, check out the Beyerdynamic Custom One. Even better sounding than the V-Modas, and they have a bass switch, you can choose how much bass you wanna hear.
The Shure SE215 are $99 and sound better than the S4i in my opinion.
I just got the Brainwavz HM5s and they're awesome. They are neutral headphones; the bass is very controlled and the mids are smooth. The treble lacks a bit of extension but it's not bothersome.
Is isolation a priority? Will you be using these in public or at home?
Check out the Audioengine D1 amp + DAC
Have you checked out Shure's IEMs? The 215s and 315s are pretty good.
Hey, I've had this problem many times.. I've tried everything from the Apple Leather case to Belkin, Incipio, OtterBox.. Eventually I found the Mummy Cases, I bought them on loopattachment dot com and I no longer have any problems..   They're silicone and they don't cover the entire phone, but check 'em out, I've had no issues regarding protection.   Another thing you can do is try to drill the opening of the cases you already have.. It worked on my Incipio Frequency...
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