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A limit not fixable.. Wow.. Even my Creative Nomad Jukebox from the 2000s had no problem loading more than 5800 songs!
Thanks for responding. Wish they could be a bit more specific on their website!
Where can I buy all these X5 accessories?
Where do we stand on M3U support? (sorry if it's already been answered but this thread is insane!)
 I really hope they add that in a future update... Anyhow, thanks for checking!
Hey, have you checked out the Brainwavz HM5s? I've also ordered the X5 and it should get here within a week or so, but since you already have it I have one question for you.. Does it support playlists of any kind? Im having a bit of a dilemma and I don't know how to organize my files (I currently have about 200 different playlists).
Hey guys, I preordered the new FIIO X5 DAP that comes out next month and I was wondering if it's worth pairing it with my FIIO E12 portable amp. Or should I ditch the E12 and use the headphone out port and internal DAC directly? Thanks!
Thanks for responding!
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