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I think they're pretty good, given the price/performance ratio.
The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros are nice, and IMO a grade above the ATH-M50s. If you choose to go IEM take a look at the Shure SE215 or Westone UM1.
If you do plan on burning in your headphones, I recommend you listen to a few of your favorite tracks before, and then listen to them again after the burn in process. 
ATH M30 - $39
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro   A little over budget but they're worth it.
Hello, if it's an iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4/4S do the following:   iPhone > Trends CQ-100 Line Out to RCA > Schiit Magni > Headphones   Dunno about the newer iPhones/iPads.
ATH M40x   Great cans :D
Do you guys think that the LOD that comes with the HS6 Stacking Kit is better than the L8 LOD?
Im quite sure someone will.. I just cannot believe that in 2014 we still have these kinds of 'limits'.  Hardware limitations? Umm.. It's not a $50 DAP; sure it's not $2400 like the AK240 but it's still not a 'cheap' device.. at least for me it isn't.I bought this device so I could listen to music; I don't need a fancy UI or gimmicky applications.. But these limitations get in the way of the listening experience..
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