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Hey, I have the genuine leather pads and it definitely improved the bass, it sounds tighter. Isolation improved as well. One caveat is that it gets a little hot after 3-4 hours of continuos play, but it's not super bothersome.
I know! I thought it was a fake at first, but I contacted the seller and he assured me it was legit.
Hey, I bought mine off eBay. Just type in HS6 Stacking Kit and it's the only resuly that comes up.The delivery estimate was May 7-15 (it ships from Hong Kong)
Awesome! That's good news!
1st or 2nd batch of preorders?
@nmatheis: The waiting game sucks :/
Everyone has the X5 in their hands... Everyone but me Im stll in the 2nd batch of pre orders from mp4nation. Any news guys? I desperatelywantmyfiiotoarrive!!!
Careful with the DT770s though, there's a bunch of different models with different power needs.. Stick with the 32 or 80 Ohm version (and consider an external amp if you choose the latter).
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