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I made the jump from an iPod Classic to the X5 and it's been great, it just sounds better and I don't regret making the switch.   -   Formatting SD cards is very easy, and you'll find many tutorials on how to do so online, you can even format them on the device itself.   -   As for media management, I still use iTunes for my lower resolution music files (iTunes cannot import music files higher than 96/24k) And I keep the higher resolution music files in a separate...
Yes, it works through all the folders.
I use the Terminal app on my Mac.   Applications > Utilities > Terminal     dot_clean /Volumes/X5\ TF1    (TF1 is the memory card inside the X5)
So cool that companies care about feedback! PM sent.
Count me in! I'll be bringing an X5+E12 as well as DT770s
iTenuate iEuphonic iLinear iSolate iSense iSubtle iHalcyon iBucolic iSerene iMild iClarion iBalmy iSlight iMellow
X5 now available on Amazon (US) for $349.99 + $10 shipping. Only 5 left in stock as of right now.
Hey, I have the genuine leather pads and it definitely improved the bass, it sounds tighter. Isolation improved as well. One caveat is that it gets a little hot after 3-4 hours of continuos play, but it's not super bothersome.
I know! I thought it was a fake at first, but I contacted the seller and he assured me it was legit.
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