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I'm selling my Stax SR202 earspeakers/ headphones and SRM212 amplifier, both in great condition, because they don't get enough use.   Purchased these, and despite enjoying the sound, didn't have time to use them as often as I would have liked. The pads are in good condition.    PM me for info and better pics.   Asking for $450.
Looks great! Could you share some dimensions?
Sorry in advance for the noob question. Is there any way, when ordering from mouser, to split the part for to projects in two different packs (I want them to ship together, but I want all the parts for one project in one envelope and all the parts for another project in another envelope)
Hey Guys, Sorry if I'm resurrecting an old thread. I have my first three DIY projects on their way. I would like to build this someday, but have read that this should only be attempted by someone who has a reasonable amount of experience in DIY audio. Could anybody recommend some sources that I could use (esp. video tutorials) to help me get better at this, so I can do it in around 6 months time, maybe less? I need to get better at everything, from soldering to reading...
Ok, thanks a million
They look similar, but not 100% the same from this: Doesn't the P2/K7 CPU heatsink have a fan on it? Did smeggy just remove it?  Is there any way to contact smeggy since he went off the radar? Thanks Chris
Thanks DingoSmuggler, Does anyone know about the volume knob and heat sinks?
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