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Hi guys, I have had my d2000s for a while now, and would like to know wether it is worth getting the cups from martin audio, and what pads I should get. I need a recable, because my cable is nearly broken and severely bent in one place (and I find the stock cable a nuisance anyway), and my pads aren't in the best of condition either, with the pleather flaking, and I would like him to repair my headband like he did on punit's, because it is also falling apart. They are...
27,2kg (60lbs) 22,7kg (50lbs) 9,1kg (20lbs)
Thanks so much! Can't wait
I thought about that, but it said design closes on April 11, so I hoped that meant its form would be designed by us as well.
I am new to the audiophile world, and don’t have the money to spend on super high-end dacs and amps. I believe I can show you what I, and many others, are looking for in this product. We want a convenient, attractive product that is simple to use.   1)   Proper USB 3.0 (no mini) in – For us with iDevices   2)   Async USB input – For general use   3)   S/PDIF input – For general use   4)   Clean front :  This volume knob...
My current headphones are D2000 (which I'm sure it will drive) but I also have thunderpants, which I'm not so sure it would drive. Would it?
Just realised my tin is 3,5cm x 2,5cm, and only 0,6cm high. Seems it is way too small. But, I read about this DAC (ES9023+WM8805+PCM2707 TINY DAC) is it still available and if so what does it sound like?
I want to try make a DIY DAC out of a mints tin I have, but it is tiny. Would guess (as I currently don't have it) that it is around 5cm x 3cm. Would this be possible, as I found designs for DACs of similar sizes?
I would like to try make DIY mahogany cups for my denon d2000s, and I am looking for dimensions and ALL general tips. I will be making these with a woodwork teacher I know, so hopefully he will know the construction basics, so dimensions are the most important things for me. Thanks in advance
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