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I cant wait haha but I will look into that thanks.  I actually bought two DAPs, one rig for the gym which I can throw around and not care, well care but y'know not babying them lol and the other rig is for when I am travelling and such where I want the best sound :D. For the gym rig I bought a Sansa Fuze and gonna use it with my SE215s and my portable rig will consist of a DIYMOD hooked up to a headstage arrow 12HE which is running my beautiful Astrotec AX60's.  Thanks for...
Yeah I heard the Bugle Boys with D getters were great and I only bought the 6922s because they were from tube monger which I love purchasing from. They didn't have the orange globes at the time which were meant to be on par with the 6922s. Thanks for the great info, I may look to upgrade to the Soloist in the next couple of months, hopefully early 2014. Will the Bifrost Uber suffice with the Soloist? 
 Is a preamp really worth it? Which tubes should I roll? People say there are many tubes that scale well with the Lyr but man, they're all so rare and expensive... I saw some Laradiotechnique tubes made in holland going for $400 on ebay... And the triple micas go for over $500 on ebay and they're really rare although most are NOS. Thats more than the amp itself so might as well go with the Soloist and plus people say its a minor difference. I am running Matsu****a 6922's...
Oh right thanks, i still haven't tube rolled with my Lyr yet too.   Also, what is a pre amp? The normal Soloist has a preamp where the SL doesn't...
The Bifrost UBER with USB. I feel like the Soloist SL with the Bifros would be a great combo and wouldn't mind selling off my Lyr for it.
Alright, think I will go with HPL, cheers!
Haha! I'm kind of like me haha. I love collecting things like knives, cards and limited edition stuffs and the thought of there being more out there just drives me insane... If I upgrade my Lyr to the Soloist, will I hear a difference?
Wow thanks... Are headphone lounge cables purely for ergonomics?
Thanks I will look into that. And stupid question, how do I remove the cable? lol
Oh right. Even when the Lyr has good tubes?
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