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I am looking to upgrade to a new pair of headphones up to £200 to use with my Fiio X1 DAP and Fiio e11K Amplifier.  I have always used Koss Portapro in the past and only listen to Trance and Electronic dance music, which mainly comprises the Uplifting/Vocal and Orchestral variety.   I absolutely love the Portapro, in particular the warm rich bass, mids and attacking drive they present throughout the music.  In all they are an extremely 'fun' and engaging headphone, which...
Hello and thanks for your replies. I already have my clip+ set to 'Rest of the World' in the settings, which I believe to be the maximum volume output. I am also using settings 'Loud' with the GAIN set to 12dB. Is there a Desktop Audio Player available that will provide more power to the Magni Amp that can be run from the mains? It would have to play files like a portable player and have the funcionality also. Please help because I am tearing my hair out with this!
Hi. The headphones are quieter when plugged directly to the clip, hence why I bought the amp. However, I can't understandunderstand why I have to raise the volume on the Magni so high? Especially as the amp can drive 600 ohm headphones! It is really frustrating me. Please help.
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have the player at maximum volume. Do I need another source which will supply more power to the amp? I tried connecting my Tablet as a source and its the same scenario.
I am running a Sansa Clip+ at Max volume connected to a Schiit Magni amp with Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm headphones. I have the Magni at about 80% power to drive the headphones loud enough, but the amp does not appear to be any louder than my previous Fiio EO6 amp. I have been advised that the volume on the Magni is high because the Clip does not output much power. If this is the case, what what alternatives do I have? Many thanks
Thanks Can it also be played whilst charging from 5v mains?
Can anyone please advise on my last post. I really need an amp! Thank you
Thanks for the replies. All seem ideal, although the Magni is currently out of stock. Before I take the plunge, would the Fiio E07K prove to be an alternative(without a PC) as I believe you can charge via 5 amp mains whilst playing? If so, will it provide sufficient power with my Sansa Clip and the Beyers, as my Fiio E6 is struggling? Thanks once again
I have just purchased some Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm Headphones and now need a good Amplifier to bring out their best and increase their volume. I listen to electronic dance from a Sansa Clip+ Portable Player. The Fiio E6 I tried was just about good enough, but I had to run it on nearly maximum volume. I am happy to spend up to about £120 and would prefer to use a Desktop amp, but I appreciate these can be expensive. Alternatively, a portable amp that can be charged via...
Hi and thanks for the replies. I appreciate the Fiio E10 is desktop, but I am not using a PC. Unless there is another type for the same money (£110) I have my hands tied.
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