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you should provide a grado customization service....those look like 2,000 dollar headphones. rich looking
those top woodies are ****** gorgeous....howd you make those???
what do you mean by the inner cup? Like, take the foam off and point the blower toward the speaker that way? Or blow it from the outside grill in??
YES , same with Soul Republics! i heard them on display and bought them and when i plugged them into my ipod it was completely different sound - less powerful. They have a hidden amp under the display ! THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT BY SOL! SHAME ON THEM!!! I returned those pieces of crap and did some research and bought some Grado sr80i's.........they should be here any day....   SOL REPUBLIC IS A RIP OFF!  SHAME ON BESY BUY TOO FOR ALLOWING SOL TO SET UP A GIMMICK...
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