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like these earphones a lot. just 2 minor issues, wish the housing would be a little bigger as I find them easily moving in my ear. and isolation is a bit below average for me. other than that, great purchase.
finally got my d2s. dang, for $30 you get a lot of accessories. wasn't expecting a nice round shell case, reminds me of shure's without the branding :). the fit of d2 is good on me. I find the iems itself very cute lol, theyre small and fit perfectly into my ears, so i can sleep on my side fine. 
can't wait for the comparison. finally got my email from Amazon and should expect my D2's tomorrow.
what complys did you use?
got another update yesterday from lendmeurears, status is now "awaiting shipment" I hope this means it's at the amazon warehouse because I've ordered these on May 1st :'(
got an update on my d2 from lendmeurears. they shoulda arrived to Amazon Canada's warehouse last week but only got there today due to customs. shipping is now upgraded to express free of charge to get em out asap. cant wait!
would love to know where to find a cable under 20 too. could save my vsd3s!
Anyone know how these compare to KZ Ate? I just got my KZ Ate in and they sound fantastic. 
jesus christ just got these in and they sound amazing. will put up some impressions when I'm done dinner   edit:   Brief intro: I've been using Vsonic's VSD3S from July 2014 till recently when one of the cable's stopped working. I live in Canada so I'll be using Canadian dollars (Rip). The VSD3s costed me $60 shipped from Penonaudio. The KZ Ate-S costed me ~$19 shipped, but that's because I opted for the Insurance + Tracking (Which was pretty useless because I would...
Nice! how do you wrap/put away your D2/DMs? I use the small red/black Brainwavz case to store my IEMs and this is the first I'll be dealing with memory wire. Would wrapping them too frequently damage the cables? thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: