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anyone ordered on release date have theirs shipped yet? I paid via paypal and it still Awaiting Fulfillment
welp. i actually bought the kz ate almost 2 weeks ago and the shipping takes like maybe a month in total to arrive. I purchased the AD02 on release date. I'll probably receive the AD02 before the kz ate arrive and sell them off i guess.
well hoping they sound good for $30. my VSD3s stopped working so I am in need of a replacement pair asap
also, it seems the non m version is an angled L jack whereas the m version is straight plug?   Purchased the regular L jacked non mic version. Let's see how long it takes to arrive in Canada! 
woo thinking of picking these bad boys up. 
indeed. cant wait till impressions/reviews are out. I'm out for a new pair of iems and I've setlled on a pair of $15 Kz ATE s. will be using these for now
copper baubbles are those weighted metal stuff ? Which is why I opted to get the ate S version 
woah guys. I just purchased the KZ ATE S no more than 24 hours ago and it has already been shipped out. purchased from gearbest. Should I expect at least 2 weeks wait?
ordered my kz ate s black no mic. hope they arrive soon!
well, thinking of picking up a pair of Kz Ate S. Which is the best retailer to purchase from ? I don't want to wait a month if that is possible, my current earphones only have sound in one side 
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