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has anyone had to contact lendmeurears for warranty? my sound cut off after 7 months of owning it and i contacted lendmeurears about them. they were confirming my address then they stopped replying to me ~1 week ago
Hey guys, so I currently have the HD 598 and I love the sound signature and soundstage. I know IEMs won't produce the same sound stage as the 598s but I'm sure there are iems that can sound similar. My past IEMs are: Vsonic VSD3S (Used for 14 months but died), Alpha + Delta D02 (Used for 7 months but now jack is slowly losing sound). So I also would like a durable iem. I use my iem while commuting but I have a small Brainwavz Red/Black carrying case to store them when not...
Are VSD3S still a good value for ~$50 CAD? I'm in need of new iem since my Alpha & Delta D02 cable starting to have sound cut off after 7 months. 
love the hd 598s which I got on sale for ~$124 CAD. What would be the next big step up within the ~$200 CAD range?
so been using these since may 2016 and audio starting to cut off where the jack meets headphone jack. audio disappears/reappears depending on certain angle. anyone know a good replacement earphone in this range? I've had the vsd3s for 2 years before they died 
gr07x out on lendmeurears. about $200 USD.
like these earphones a lot. just 2 minor issues, wish the housing would be a little bigger as I find them easily moving in my ear. and isolation is a bit below average for me. other than that, great purchase.
finally got my d2s. dang, for $30 you get a lot of accessories. wasn't expecting a nice round shell case, reminds me of shure's without the branding :). the fit of d2 is good on me. I find the iems itself very cute lol, theyre small and fit perfectly into my ears, so i can sleep on my side fine. 
can't wait for the comparison. finally got my email from Amazon and should expect my D2's tomorrow.
what complys did you use?
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