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Are Fiio e11 and Topping NX1 good budget amps for Havi b3?
Yeah I was curious as to if the bio celluse case is true or not, because that's what I read too
Really? I thought Vsonic stated that the Vsd3 regular has more bass and the vsd3s is more balanced?
So the current available version for GR07 is the classic 3 way colour (Maroon, Blue, and Silver) for $99 on most sites. Are the previous more expensive versions of the GR07 better? The only pre 2014 model of the Gr07 I can find is the Bass Edition one for $130.
I ordered from penonaudio and they provided free shipping + tracking code to Canada. Arrived in Canada in 2 days and took Canada post 4 days to deliver to my door :)
Just wondering where did you guys get your Havi B3 Pro 1?
HiHi I use an iPhone 4s as my source for playing music. Would you recommend an amp ?
Well they sell them for $15 on their website. Is that okay?
I was able to search for the Philips SHE3590 on walmart canada's website, but it appears to be sold out in every location (in Toronto) :( 
Lol, had to urbandictionary "Wally World"
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