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Hey everyone, lend me ur ears just posted preorders for vsd2 on their facebook page. might be interesting
Will I be disappointed if I switch from iphone 4s to nexus 5? I use Vsonic VSD3S.
Do you guys think the Bass Edition is worth the extra ~$30?   I've been enjoying my VSD3S for about half a year now and I'm probably going to get the gr07 for my next earphone (Budget is around $100)
Hi there, if your cable is brown, then you have the detachable version. If your cable is silver, it is the non detachable version. VSD3 black with detachable is available at penon.
To iphone users, what volume do you guys listen to? I usually go for 5 clicks.
Yeah this is my first time getting charged. I've ordered earphones from penonaudio before with no problems, and I've actually ordered a hard shell case from mp4nation before with no problems too. Maybe it's because my brainwavz were shipped using Fedex? Sucks though, hopefully I can get this waived or something
wow, has anyone purchased from mp4nation? I purchased my brainwavz s0 from them during the promotion and got the 2 day fedex shiping. today, about 2 weeks later, I received a fedex invoice saying I need to pay them a total of $14.54? This is my first time getting charged on purchasing head phones over seas and now I'm getting charged half of what I paid for my earphones ($28).. Has this happened to anyone?   Edit: Mp4nation wrote the value of the earphones off as $20,...
Man this sucks, the gr07 classic edition was available for $99 CAD up till the recent Canadian dollar drop, now they cost $136 CAD >.>
Well it's a good thing the s0 includes a pair of comply lol
Anyone else experiencing pain in the ears after using the medium stock tips for ~2 hours? The medium stock tips seem to give me the best secure fit but they hurt my ears after having them on for at least an hour
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