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I love my VSD3S so much I'm considering getting the new non detachable version :0
Whenever I see an expected release date from VSonic, I'll just add ~7 months on top of that ;)
Hey guys just realized the Havi B3 pro 1 thread has been locked. Is there going to be a replacement thread ?
Got my tracking number today. Will be receiving the new nondetachable silver cable hopefully within 2 weeks
Finally received word from penonaudio and I will be receiving the new VSD3S non detachable version. Which explains why it took so long to receive an exchange; definitely going to order from penonaudio again !!!
OOo looks like the new, non detachable silver cable VSD3S has arrived at penonaudio. It's +$4 more from their regular $45 price. 
I purchased my VSD3S back in July from penonaudio and so far have no problems except rarely having sound loss on my right ear if I mess the connector
Should I email penonaudio and ask whats going on lol
Has anyone sent their VSD3S back to penonaudio because of a problem? It's been almost 3 weeks since they've emailed me that they received the earphones, but nothing has happened since
Haha, I have this problem too. Only on my right ear, though. If I slightly rotate the connector the sound will sometimes disappear and come back after fiddling with it. 
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