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Wow I thought I was the only person with this problem, lol. certian movements also cuts out my R 
Hey guys, after using the included medium tips up till now, I've decided to switch to different tips from the included pouch. I've been trying on the foam tips and need some help with putting them on you guys squeeze them before you insert your ear? They seem to sometimes just pop right out of my ear. Also I've read that foam tips need to be replaced..?
Ouch. I feel you. Oneplus one goes from $377 usd to $480 cad after everything
Not surprised since you are closer to Hong Kong
Rest assured if you've purchased from penonaudio. I've purchased 2 Vsd3s and it was very fast shipping, only ~9 business days to Canada. I also had to exchange a detachable vsd3s for a new non detachable vsd3s because the old detachable vsd3s' earpiece jack was almost snapped off. Great customer service and replied to emails within 24 hours. would recommend buying again
Can't wait for a VSD5 vs TTPOD T2 match up. 
$74 cad for me ;)
I've actually always wanted a pair to look like the first VSD3, pitch black earphone with black connectors and cable, very sexy.
Sounds like vsd5 is doing pretty well so far. I'm still using VSD3S and wondering if the vsd5 will be the best step up. I like to keep my budget < $100 for iem
Seriously? Limited to only 6000 units? Man I hope they don't sell out before I wait for reviews. I'm still not sure what would be the next step up from VSD3s for less than $100
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