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for a cheap amp you could take a look at the Fiio E11 kilimanjaro
all of the wires are stock. i did not do any soldering in the drivers themselves
assuming the amp is the problem and my headphones are well and truly permanently affected, what parts on my headphone should i replace?. i am using it fine now using channel balance on my PC but I can't use an external DAC or my DAP because the channel balancing software on my DAP is not adequate enough to correct the channel inbalance on my headphones.
the adapting seemed to have gone well. the driver started to heat up after i plugged the headphones in. sorry for my misleading english
i haven't done any modifications to it and neither have i ran diagnostics with a multimeter. I was just thinking if it was very likely that I would need to replace the driver which is probably the easiest part to replace. not too savvy with this sort of electrical stuff but the vented metal casing of the driver got quite literally scalding hot.
so the sound on the left driver is permanently softer by quite a significant amount. this occurred after i tried to adapt it to a 1.5mm jack. the driver got very hot only on the left side and the driver got softer. would replacing the driver fix the problem? the headphone in question is the sony CD-900st studio monitor and replacement parts are rather easily available including the drivers.
How is the instrument separation on the mad dogs? Also, how well do they pair with the Fiio X3? Does it bring out all this headphone have to offer?
How do the MadDogs do in terms of their instrument separation? How well will it do when paired with a Fiio X3
i have had this headphone for a while now and i must say that its representation of minute details within the track are unparalleled with anything under i would say maybe $300 at least.
love my X3 !!
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