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Fiio make some good portable amps and the Yamaha pro500 if you can find them on sale may work for you.
If you are not using a amp stay in the 32 ohm range. and you may want to look into some good IEM too there are a lot of nice ones from $150 to $250 like the DN1000
Yamaha pro 500?
Don't forget the Fiio X3 I got one for $150 US on sale and it offers a bit more then the X1...take a look at both.
Take a look at the Yamaha 400 they may work for her
Hey Wjewould you say the difference between the T90 and the HE400i is worth having both? I have the HE400 now too I was going to sell them if I went for the HE400i.
You have to be careful with the "best" you have open,closed,warm,fun,balanced all have very different sounds. Asking if its the best open warm sounding under $500 maybe a better question. I just picked up a pair of T90 for under $400 and love them but they are a different sound. Still may pick up a pair of HE-400i .......oh hell I will at some time.
My 2 pennys say the DX50 is all you need. If you knew you liked a amps sound then maybe.
I have about 3 weeks now with the T90s and have found they work well with just about any music. If it calls for bass they deliver a deep rich sound mids shine without being shouty and the highs are crisp without going over the top. OK let's face it in general they are fantastic.
Hi guys Anyone have the T90 to compare to the HE-400i? Would like to know if I should be looking out for them on sale. Thanks
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