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Take a look for the AKG K545 work well with phone or tables,or soundmagic HP150.
With the Xduoo make sure the RCA on the back can be used for out and I think you have to take the case apart to change the tube. Other than that it looks good.
You could get the Aune T1 Amp/DAC (175$ US) and upgrade the amp later. The DAC is the strong point of the T1 but it will power the K7XX just fine.
Massdrop has the T90 for $400 and they are a great counterpoint to the HD650.
Hell I'm still playing Shyrim and dragon age
BTW: there is no such thing as gaming machine you will never have to replace. Games continue to evolve to use more resources and require more powerful machines. So true...... Aune T1 w/good tube>Asgard 2>T90= great sound for around $800 (Massdrop T90 for $400) Good gameer PC around $1500 should last 3 to 5 years $200 for beer and pizza...........
I mean the T90 are better than any DT-XXX and just under the T1.
If you like the Beyerdynamic sound IE the DT-XXX the only one better is the T1 and I think the T90s bass is better and has a "fun sound" that the T1 misses (the T1 is better over all just not as fun)
I don't know much about the 400S maybe ask over at the 400S thread,but I would get the better headphone and save for a amp. Headphones make the biggest difference in sound of all components,IMO.
That is compared to the HE400(I owned the HE400 for a year) that had great bass but mids and treble was wonky. I have only had a small listen to the 400i but I would say the bass was above average in accuracy and detail and it has much better mids and highs.
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