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In a word ....yeah,with the HD650 you should get a amp/DAC. I just picked up a aune T1 mk1 $130 for work or fiio has some around $100 that will work with them or a schiit stack starting around $200. The HD650 sound much better when powered well.
Hi all Looking for a amp/DAC that can power 300 ohm cans just a little on the warm sounding side under $200. Aune T1 Xduoo ta-01 Schiit stack magni/modi (may be a little big but if they are worth it I'll make the scape) Any thoughts on the ones listed or any others out there? Thanks
Yes the 09k has the power for the HD-600/650 you should look at some reviews here I'm sure someone has paired the two.
HE-400i are very good (maybe just over 400 budget) or HD600/650 would need a amp with them. Philips X2/27 Fidelio may also work for you. Good luck
If you can try some of the AKG line 550/551(fit can be a problem with them)they may give you what you are looking for.
I do not regret moving up slowly at all. I had a chance to hear a bunch of different "house sound" and find the ones I enjoyed the most. I also bought them on sale and sold them when it was time. The way I figured it they ended up costing about 10 to 20 cents a hour to use. Now I'm down to 2 sets T90 and LCD2-F and I'm very happy with them.....but I'm still looking for my next set and it may well be a year from now that's half the price of the others but that's the fun. If...
Hey,they will work fine without a amp better with (you should get a fuller more dynamic sound) and fiio makes good stuff for the price. Enjoy
It should they are their ease to drive cans.
The closed EL-8 will be out next mouth they could be a contender.
If you want a deal on them you may have to get some B-stock ones a month or so after release.
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