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Think they are going to have a 1/4" jack?
+1I had the DT990 250ohm the T90 is better across the board.
I have the TH-X00 (Should be close to the TH-610)  the Blackwoods are better then them by a notable amount.  
Hey guys I just got done putting one together and going over the Resistances all are good but the center pin (the last one ). I'm getting 00.0, all the joints look and feel good both led banded ends are going to the center and the wire to the top inner volume pot looks good. any thoughts I posted over on bottlehead too. Thanks    Never mind I got it it was the RCA jack not the tube center pin.
If the amp is off it would have to be HIGH voltage like lighting high.
I don't remember one.
I thought the Elise was not a OTL but a hybrid amp but I'm not sure.
From what I understand the OLT amps are a old circuit from the 40tys/50tys but its only works well with high impedance 200 ohms and up  sometihng to do with the transformer or lack there of(see above).The OTC amps are a more modern circuit that will work well with low and high impedance 32 ohms and up. Now I could be wrong. 
I was looking at this http://www.head-fi.org/t/822029/new-tube-amp-the-cayin-ha-1a-mk2/0_40 (if it sounds half as good as it looks) and still may pick one up but cayins distributor is out of the U.S. 110 volt version and others wanted 25% more for one so I'll wait. I would think the dark voice would work well with Atticus or Eikon it is a OTL.
I have a crack with speedball on the way hope to have it together by the time Zach gets to my Eikon. Seems like a fun project and a great amp at the end.
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