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Ok first not a big difference lots of us have +12 for planars. The Bala/Unbala is important,what ever input you are using make sure the switch is the same.enjoy 
the Eikon is better than both but not the same signature. It's closer to the HE-500 in that way but a step or two above. The LCD-2F​ is warmer and has that wall of bass that only planars can give, but the Eikon is far more transparent through out and both male and female vocals shine along with string,woodwind and brass instruments.
I bought another one too so now I'm going to build it and add SB to one then A/B them. I'll keep the one that came out best and sell the other.PS I would suggest picking up a rac 6as7g power tube or 6n13s like . I preferred​ the 6n13s it had a blacker back ground of the 2 I had. They both have better soundstage and cleaner bass then stock and it's under...
I built a BHC for the Eikon and they sound great paired. The only other headphones I have that are high impedance are the HD6XX and the T90 the Eikon is a good step up from them. It's almost the love child of the two it takes the best of both the transparency and some of the sparkle of the T90 and the warmth and bass from the HD6XX.As for the Crack I liked it over Burson soloist SL and Gustard H10 the only other amps I have on hand. I have yet to add speedball I will in...
With that you should be good give them a little time. I find they have a sweet laid back sound with nice clarity when paired with the right Amp.
I'm not sure what the wattage is on the Ember is but the blackwood love power 1 to 2 watts in the 50-100 ohm range seems to sweet spot.
Yeah bigger opening for ears.
I would go with the Ori. They are a the older set and people (I'm one) like them with the TH-X00 the Eikon have not been out that long. Edit:Better mids not as much slam in the bass but just as deep if not deeper treble about the same larger soundstage.
The ZMF pads work well with them.
   As mandrake said the H10 is a warmer sounding amp, works great with planar headphones of all types. For on a budget op-amps take a look at 797bz/an for singles and the 823 or LT1364CN8 for dual.   Good luck
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