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If memory is correct the first 24 hours was the biggest difference then over the next 75 to 100 they fine tune.
ZMF headphones hold their value over time if you take care of them you should get around 80% or more of list reselling them. Also if this is your first planar a powerful amp is recommended at least a watt at the 50 to 75 ohm range. I love the planar sound may 2 favorite LCD-2F and Blackwoods. I have not tried the omni yet but I'm confident you won't be disappointed.
1 Kozic 2 Huntington mass 3 LCD-2F,ZFM Blackwoods,T90,THX00
I believe so.
If you like the beyerdynamic sound the T1 are great but a amp will be needed for the 600 ohms the T90 are nice too.
1 more triple driver I got mine for $60 a nice all-around IEM
I think there are 3 makes of the LCD 2s,LCD-2,LCD-2.1,and LCD-2F or fazor. They are may favorite paired with Gustard H10.
I use the foam tips but you should try all and see what works for you.
I have the T-90 and the LCD-2F if the T-90 comfort is 10 the LCD-2F are a 7. It's all in the weight. Monster point about kicking back is right 2 hours can fly by as long as you're not moving around the weight should not be a problem.
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