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1 more triple driver is a great buy $100 as long as you can get a good fit with them.
I have a pair of ZMF purple heart blackwoods that are over 2 years old and still as purple as ever. If you keep them out of direct sunlight you should be good for 10 years.
Well with most drops it's a bout 2 weeks after end till they ship but the HE350 are not going to ship out till the first week of August. They are a new Headphone and are being built now I believe.
Take a look over at the H10 page they are going over the same subject now the 797 are well liked some have listed others over the 823(I was looking at some LT1364CN8 myself). Cover comes off with 4 screws the duals (823) are in the back by the inputs and the singles(797)are on the side, there are some pic on the H10 page too.
I went with the 797brz/823http://www.analogmetric.com/goods.php?id=2030http://www.mouser.com/Search/m_ProductDetail.aspx?Analog-Devices%2fAD823ARZ%2f&qs=sGAEpiMZZMv9Q1JI0Mo%2ftXvK0A80O21aThey have a smoother bass and more air in the treble over stock slightly better soundstage and transparency too. IMO that is.
Some are still burning up they think it may have to do with the gain settings. I'm waiting for them to have it all set.
I just went with the 797/823 upgrade. Brings a little more control to the bass and more air with the treble and all for under $40 US.   http://www.analogmetric.com/goods.php?id=2030   http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Analog-Devices/AD823ARZ/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMv9Q1JI0Mo%2ftXvK0A80O21a   A lot of people like the Burson but a lot have had trouble with them so I stayed away. 
Nice thier great paired.P S make sure the Dip switch is in the right position for balanced or unbalanced input, and +6 gain works well with all types of planars.
I have the soloist SL and Gustard H10 with LDC-2F and the Gustard is much better. The H10 works better with any planar headphone I have tried (maddogs,HE-400-500,Blackwoods)the sound is slightly warmer and with a larger soundstage,the music has more life to it. The soloist sl works great with dynamic headphones but with planars it just doesn't have the power that the H10 has the Soloist has twice the Watts that the SL has I would say that's the difference. As for the Lyr2...
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