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  In regards to the Effect Audio Eros line, they are releasing ErosII and Eros II+ soon. Might be worth waiting. And grats on your Zeus-R :)
Gilgamesh model with infinite drivers 
Sure we all want to know and am eagerly awaiting. Whatever it is, it's sure to please. Anyone tried the Dragonfly red/black for Zeus-R? I'm not a stacker, but these look interesting and could potentially reduce my portable rig size.
Not sure how much I'm allowed to say as it's a prototype, but of the two options you mentioned it's more like the latter. There's also a cable with 2 separate switches to further change the sound. I was told it would be released in 3-4 weeks, another I talked to was told 2 months. From what I gather, the Celeste's special parts are all hand-made hence the time.
Lol, still seething a bit about you wining the Aether.     I hope whoever won the Galloping Horse treading on a Flying Swallow posts a pic of it.
My first Canjam and it was a blast. Managed to do most of what I wanted, but also managed to socialise quite a bit with my fellow attendees and the people behind the products. Thanks to those who let me try stuff that wasn't on show.   Didn't take notes, so the following is from memory and very vague and general. Plus I'm not very good at "impressions"/reviews.    For me the highlights were:   Lime Ear's Aether IEM: Tried 2 different pairs on 3 different cables over...
Have fun on your excursion. I've done Stonehenge and Bath before and it's a tight schedule. Thanks again for letting me try the Andromeda, albeit extremely briefly.    Was great meeting other Zeus-R/ EE users and everyone else during CanJam London. Shame EE weren't there as I really wanted to try the other models.    Still waiting on the announcement though. :)
Think it's a "galaxy swirl". Would have loved to have known about those when I ordered. :) 
Looking around, I don't think so. Although that doesn't mean in the future they won't. Nothing mentioned here for Socal 2016 http://www.head-fi.org/t/784296/canjam-socal-2016-march-19-20-2016/690#post_12421133
Too many to keep up with.    Hope they offer the cables to existing EE users. Along with a discount naturally. 
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