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How does the 6 compare to the K10? I have a 4C as well, but 9 out of 10 I reach for the K10, so I don't wanna buy something just for the sake of it. I tend to use IEMs while commuting/traveling so the extra bass afforded by the K10 is preferable. 
Hmm, wonder if the 6C would be a good "partner"/backup for the K10 :P   Anyone in London/UK, I would recommend seeking out Gisele Flower at aid2hearing. Pretty much a one stop shop, where she'll take care of the impressions (two sets), packaging, shipping and contacting Brannan for verification. 
OhHow about another one next week too? :P
Dang I'll be missing out on this. I have gotten to try the Fr/Pr very very briefly. Liked the FR more. The two modes really do sound different. Hoping to get more time on them. Thx to SDQdtech and Diracsound.Tried the K10 demo as well and thought it was a good accurate representation of the final product.
Thanks. Time for fun and a bit of fact-finding :P
Did you send them confirmation that you are happy with the design? In the emails they sent me, they asked if I was happy with them before sending them out. If you've done that already, then not sure what the delay would be.  
Hmm, I'm guessing a belt buckle that doubles as a cable and storage. 
That much is true. 
Hi Giselle. Welcome aboard.  Is this just ear-impressions? Will it be expanded upon later to include things like impression verification and shipping? Would be convenient.  
After market cables can be quite polarizing. While I don't notice a huge difference, others might do. I went with the SW due to its looks, and to make me less shallow, the craftsmanship and overall build quality. Values it shares with the K10  I've not heard other TOTL CIEMS. The K10 was my first CIEM and a big jump into the unknown. Luckily, I struck gold and even after 4-5 months I've no desire to upgrade. 
New Posts  All Forums: