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I am going to offer a different opinion. I mostly only use the DX90 with either the Leckerton or the PB2. This is to either Triple Fi 10s or Sennheiser HD600s. I would agree that you don't *have* to' but is it better, in my opinion, yes it is.The Leckerton with OP627s sounds sublime, smooth and the timbre of the music is almost tubelike.I find also the Leckerton a very versatile unit.Not only can I use it as a headphone amp with the DX90, it can also take the coax output...
Yep - generally it is just plug & play. You have to be careful with matching, but to be honest I knew absolutely zero about the PB2 until 9 months ago. I read the PB2 thread and became 'knowledgeable' thanks to the expertise of others.Oh by the way it is a lot of fun.And instead of changing the complete headphone amp, you can just change a buffer or Opamp instead and (sort of) achieve same end result.
Technically I guess that it is a hybrid variant. I don't worry too much about it.But I have no doubt it sounds more balanced this way round - unbalanced input/ balanced output - than if it were the other way round ie balanced input/unbalanced output -
I don't do controlled A/B comparisons. So I haven't tried to compare the PB2 in balanced or unbalanced mode, plus my headphone cable is different in any case.But in balanced output, I find more detail and a clearer separation and a greater ease in the driving of the HD600s. There seems to be greater presence, immediacy & oomph to the music.My volume is way below half way but the sound level is more than enough.I would also add that the OPamps do make a difference. The...
Very nice with the Pb2 balanced out to Sennheiser HD600
Yep - none for me with either UE Super Fi Pros and now UE Triple fi10s. And it is fun rolling the amps. And of course it has a balanced output. I run mine balanced into Sennheiser HD600s.BTW I think I saw one for sale in the classified forum pages a couple of days ago.
I have two which I pair with the DX90.A PB2 with which I have a number of Opamp rolling options including a special HiFlight kit. My favourite combination is with Muses01, class A biased.I also have a Leckerton MK II which I always seem to come back to. It has a pair of OPA 627s in it and I love the "tube like" musicality that I get from it.I would recommend both.
When you put any new theme into the Rockbox folder the original ones, like "Cabbie 2" or "fail safe" disappear. I thought I was doing something wrong, but judging from the comments of others, obviously not.
[quote name="Lurker0" More required comments This firmware, like the previous firmware, is bit perfect. It means, with EQ turned off, the sound data is not affected by the software, and is transferred to the DAC exactly as it is. Also, no a part of Android sound path (including audio policy configuration file and corresponding libraries) is used or ever loaded in this firmware. [/quote] So will your version sound the same as a DX90 with Rockbox , which as I...
Great work - and thanks for the themes - ipod widgets is a fun one
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