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I will need to try some of them first. My ears are not young and so I may well have a greater tolerance through natural inability to hear hiss but I will need to check each kind with no music playing - that is the key test for me which will need to be passed.
You have a few IEMs. Are any of them totally hiss free? My TP 10s are and I am not sure I could cope with the thought of hiss even if you can only "hear it" without any music playing.
Has any tried the Nobel Kaiser K10s with the Chord Hugo. With 30ohm Impedance hopefully there is no hint of any hiss?
Once you hear the Hugo in your desktop set-up you will want to take it with you when you are away from home, so go with the Hugo as you get the option of portability.You get a 3 year warranty with the Hugo (batteries are for a less lengthy period ) and I believe the warranty is transferable.
I generally don't have OCD but I do over "hiss" .......
Impedance for one.846 - impedance is 9 Vs 650 is 300OK - strike the 846 off my list -
Doraymon - separate question. I see you have 846s. Do you hear any hiss with them at all from the Hugo?
Plus if you leave the Hugo switched on in this state, ie with the batteries completely discharged - the Hugo doesn't charge up. I have done this a couple of times, but only because I couldn't remember which way the on/off switch worked. Can I suggest an off/on mark is put onto the case ?
It was comments like these that drew me to audition the Hugo in the first place. Now a few months into ownership, the Hugo still suprises me in how just how good it sounds whether into IEMs, full sized headphones or ultimately into a pair of stereo speakers.Euphonic (what great one word description of the Hugo's sound) - yes, game changer - for sure, end game - probably, but Dave could just change that.
This is actually old news. Back in Dec 2014, John Franks was clear that the TT used the same circuit board as the Hugo but with enhancementshttp://audiofi.net/2014/12/a-bigger-hugo-from-chord/If you don't like the price, you don't have to buy it. But for some people the look/feel/ and maybe sound of the TT (with the enhancements) will make it worth purchasing - probably those who haven't already got a Hugo
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