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As a matter of interest - in what ways do you find the design less than convincing. I am certainly impressed by the 8x increase in the number of Taps over the Hugo. The number of Taps in the Hugo being a determining factor in how good it sounds.
Can't comment on the Solo, but for the Hugo you need an official Apple cable which fits into the Iohone at one end and at the other end into which you can fit a USB cable. You then need to buy one of the Apps that can play HI Res music files.
Why - no one *has* to buy it. I say good luck to them. No one else has been able to design such advanced product using market leading technology, so the product should demand a premium price.Ah I have it ! ...... maybe they used a rough school of thumb based on number of taps, I.e. Dave has eights times the number of taps as the Hugo and is also *around* eight times the price (well a bit less I guess)Based on the wonderful sound quality of the Hugo, though, I would be...
If you might use the portability of the Hugo, go with the Hugo.Once you have heard the 2Qute or Hugo in the home, you will not want to listen to something inferior when away from home - eg especially on long train or plane journeys.
I have a Hugo playing into a Fatman202 Class A tube amp into Speakers, with GEC KT88 or black plate Tung Sol 6550s - unbelievably good.The detail the Hugo retrieves, it's musicality etc........... Just pull that trigger. You won't regret it.The only decision you have to make is do you need portability or not.
Or you change your headphones .No hiss for me with UE Triple Fi 10s but they have an impedance of 32.I would like to upgrade my IEMs and hope I can find a pair that works without hiss , but if I had a choice of better IEMs and hiss or Hugo and Triple fi pros, I will chose the latter .I couldn't do without the Hugo now, all the music that plays through it sounds just so much better.
Keep cross-feed button pressed in , when turning Hugo on. That is how I use my Hugo into my Tube Amp & speakers.
I'll bite
Mine is also 24xxx and is 10 weeks old give or take
That's reassuring. Time to investigate methinks.
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