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Looks easy, as long as you know how! My IMac couldn't see the DX50 but maybe that will change with the Dx90. Will try over the weekend.
Well I am trying *it* out - LOL - and it sounds great.
To be frank, I was relating to my experience with the DX50 when my Mac would never see the DX50, so I gave up. It seems it may be easier with the Dx90. Having said that it seems like you will be including all that I might need in future releases, so thank you again.BTW - for those who aren't sure about installing Rockbox, I would say do it, like with the Dx50, rockbox on the Dx90 improves the sound.
Enjoying the first release as I write. No problems so far just the clarity of the DX90 revealed. Thanks very much.Just one request from me as I cannot move files onto the Rockbox player using ADB with my Mac. Would it be possible to include a small number of additional Themes for the While Playing Screen as was included in the final rockbox release for the DX50
I am using a Mac, Will you be able to switch back just by using the ibasso FW image file without using the Rbatch tool that us only available for windows users?
Cool - many thanks. I really enjoyed rockbox on the Dx50 and I have no reason to suppose it won't improve the listening experience on the DX90
Thanks. Now ordered.I still don't know how you know if you actually get an original battery, given the plethora of batteries out there ALL claiming to be genuine and with a big difference in prices. This seems to be on the low side as regards price.It is a nightmare for the consumer
Can you provide a link, they seem to have more than one option , including one battery for over £100 !
Can you let us have the link please
I have a Leckerton mkii and a ibasso pb2 both of which allow you to roll OPamps. I love my pb2 with muses02 but I also keep going back to the Leckerton with 627s installed. The dx90 is an upgrade on the dx50
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