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The Fischer 003Ti are one of the favorite headphones I currently own, and it would be great to see them go to someone who loved a neutral and detailed presentation of sound.   I love how when headphones get to be very balanced there is a great deal of debate over which does it the best :)   Comparing them to the LCD-X is very bold for a reviewer to make, so that bog wood and driver combo must have been a really special experience.
le bumps
Today shipping is free everywhere.
Thanks for the heads up, they were $300 when I purchased them last year :(
While that is a gracious offer I am more interested in a good amp deal or cash.  Thank you.
Prices are as follows,   FA-003 TI - $150 Shipped CONUS, OCONUS pays shipping SOLD Mad Dogs 3.2 - $250 Shipped CONUS, OCONUS pays shipping  SOLD Alpha Dogs - $450 Shipped CONUS, OCONUS pays shipping SOLD     Contact with confidence.  Long time buyer/seller on multiple forums.   Heatware -
isolation?  Is that not a semi-open can?
Oh holy dam dem ear canals :o
Now I am starting to really coalesce with the K10.  The following track had a big impact,     The requirements of a listening device to properly separate the delicate sounds of this track are truly reference class.   There was a review I remember reading about the K10s which said it required a "mental burn-in", and I'm beginning to take a bit of ownership of that term.   No stockholm syndrome or anything like that, but the sudden overwhelming amount of audio...
afaik they do not count for amazon There are times when $750 is the lowest cost available.  The Koss coupons are a reliable bet.
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