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Oh holy dam dem ear canals :o
Now I am starting to really coalesce with the K10.  The following track had a big impact,     The requirements of a listening device to properly separate the delicate sounds of this track are truly reference class.   There was a review I remember reading about the K10s which said it required a "mental burn-in", and I'm beginning to take a bit of ownership of that term.   No stockholm syndrome or anything like that, but the sudden overwhelming amount of audio...
afaik they do not count for amazon There are times when $750 is the lowest cost available.  The Koss coupons are a reliable bet.
  The soothing sounds of R'lyeh in E Minor.
 A wizard design.  I made an open ended request to include either a Lion or Cuthulhu and they delivered :)  Didn't want to stifle the creativity by making it too specific.
Just a couple potato pics to show friends,    
Koss direct sends out 25% coupons if you sign up for their newsletter.  I get one about once every 2-3 months.
Received my K10s today and immediately put them through a pace run.   The song was   At the start is a tough piece of fast, synthetic, bass.  A lot of headphones can't get it right, and the K10s took it in stride.   Great fit noble crew!  These are some comfortable pieces of art :)
Definitely excited more for the sound than even the pretty packaging.
Happy happy to everyone celebrating this May!   I'll be walking with a bit more spring in my step once these make their way to their new home,             ::EDIT:: Thanks Noble crew for working with me throughout this entire process.  Your customer support is really industry leading, and there will be more to say about the sound once these K10s arrive.
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