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Exynos chipset, so if its the same thing as it is in the SGS2, the DAC for the Note should be one from Yamaha.
Gotcha, no leaving that Fiio E6 at home then =O
Speaker quality? As in headphone out? That's quite a surprise. Never kept up with the modding scene behind the O2x/G2x a lot (am a Sony Ericsson staff using the Droid RAZR in Singapore, lol), but wll definitely have to sniff around for news about it. Maybe like the camera, LG never released the necessary libraries for it, so the phone has to run on base drivers. Just assuming.
For the record, the Nozomi is Dual Core. That report linked here is false, this here notes that the Nozomi runs on the MSM8660 platform, which is a dual core 1.5GHz chipset: Interesting, didn't know that the Optimus 2x has the Wolfson in it. Gonna be interesting getting one in my paws and running Cyanogen + Voodoo off of it =) Possibly dump the Fiio E6?
In Vancouver, BC, Canada - The Headphone Bar While in Singapore - Stereo Electronics and Jaben Headphones =) Covered pretty well in both countries pretty much =D
Actually, it happens 4 times a year in Singapore, with a lot of little roadshows happening every now and then. I'm actually considering to get this then and there IF I Iike how it sounds... but budget is a little tight at the moment. The Aurvana IE3 are going down to S$169 [US$139, tax included for you) for a coming Tech Fair down here in Singapore. I'm gonna assume that they're gonna have some demo units on display, so I'm gonna go down during one of those days and give it a try =)
Klipsch Custom 3 But since the cable died and its being repaired, the SM3 or MR2 Pro these days
Another GR07 sounds like a good idea IMO. Most of the other phones listed sound pretty different unless you fiddle a lot with tip choices.
S$199 = 199 Singapore Dollars. At present rates at this time I'm typing, that's US$162.20 inclusive of tax. Its gonna be hard, especially competing with the VSonic GR07 at that price point.
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