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Wow, I didn't know this was coming. I've always loved the feel of the P5, but just lacked a bit for me. I'm now anxious to try this series 2 version.
$10 well spent for me. I'm completely satisfied with my GS4-UAPP-Dragonfly-on1/tp51 combo.
Guys, when it comes to those other "references" we do need to be militant. If not, say goodbye to this thread. That's about the only area we have to be militant and where I agree with a little self moderation... for good reason.
All prices include shipping in the US Unless specified, assume no slipcovers or digital codes $10 - Whitesnake: Live at Donnington 1990 (CD, sealed) $10 - Tony Bennett: Unplugged The Video (DVD, sealed) $10 - Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook (BD, sealed) Price as marked $10 - Betty Blue $20 - Cinderella II/III (sealed, w/ slipcover) _$8 - Collection, The $15 - Counselor, The (2BD) _$8 - Curse of Chucky (BD+DVD) $10 - Family, The (no DVD, but comes w/ original...
I've actually not heard the DT1350, but hear that the T51p is more refined. My main gripe with the T51p is resolution and separation. I think even my HF300s are better in both.
I have both the m100 and hf300...I don't know that the m100 can get as deep and/or have the same quality at those depths. However, during my general basshead moments, I still reach for the m100s naturally.
^^ I love the look and feel of these, just wish the sound was better. They are the perfect form factor for portables and have probably one of the best cases as well.
I've had my Sandisk 128GB for about a month now and have had no issues as well. I actually have spare room now, but it's getting used up quick.
That's a given. It was meant to be used for illustrative purposes, where if you have the flac, it's an even better demonstration of the sub-bass. Having said that, even the youtube version will give you an idea how well these cans can handle that depth.
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