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How are peoples' experiences regarding these open box items? I really want to try a pair of these, but have missed the last few new/sealed deals.
In the X3 gen 1 thread, there was discussion a while back on tagging software. I'm trying to remember which tagger it was that was highly recommended - one of the features is when you right-click a file in Windows, the tagger itself is one of the options that come up. Anyone remember which tagging software this was?
What happened to the deals?!? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
Sorry, I meant the 2.14b, yes.
I know that wasn't directed at me, but I thnk 3.34b is the closest to 3.14b. i'm also upping the gain on 3.34b (i know, it's pretty much necessary for 3.14b). I'm quite excited about 3.34b.Again, FiiO, thanks for this new update. Can't wait to play around with the playlist feature too, though that's not as impt to me.
Just downloaded and installed that one. I would have to agree, sounds sweet. The bass is tamed a bit though, but getting used to it.
Check that, it says 3.24 beta.
So, what's the best firmware version thus far? I've not been following this thread ever since my subscriptions have mysteriously stopped emailing me. I think I'm currently on 3.20.
Thanks, just saw this (because somehow my email subscription has completely stopped working) and submitted a request.
So I've heard and that's why I'm wanting a pair at the moment.
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