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Still waiting for the $100 HD598 to come back. It's taking a while. Maybe after the 558s, we'll get some 598 news.
If it goes down to sub-100 again, I will bite.
I bought the HD650s last week, yet still almost pulled the trigger on the HD598. lol
Linn's 24 bits of Christmas is back! "Every day in December we’ll be giving away a different, free Studio Master track - the highest quality available, anywhere." They have one free today to kickstart this year's giveaways. Here's the LINK.
Read the first page please before posting; don't want to get shut down right in the middle of awesome, wallet-draining deals.
Received the HD650s today (burning in at the moment). Was able to call Adorama this morning and have them adjust the $350 price to Amazon's $315. Pretty happy camper!
Yes, some states have to pay taxes on Amazon. WA for example.I tried them briefly at a local store here and first thing I noticed was how it hugged your head and felt so plush and comfortable. The sound was excellent, of course, but did not listen to it for long.Unfortunately, not. I just placed it. I guess if the price ever goes down again (below $350) in the next 30 days, they will adjust it.
Dammit, you're suppose to say NO! That I'm crazy to even be considering them at that price! lol
The HD650 is really $350. What's the lowest historical price (checked CCC, but that's not always accurate since doesn't track deal-of-the-day prices)? Are they still worth it for $350?
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