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you're welcome, and glad that you like it :)
I have posted a review of the Shozy zeros, as well as a comparison with the Fiio EX1. Here they are- http://www.head-fi.org/products/shozy-zero-iem/reviews/16264
After almost a month, I think I have almost reached '0' the demanded 200hr playback time. Going to put my review up in a few days, along with a couple of comparisons. 
I know that too, NLNH told me that when I got my pair. But since the recommended time is more than 200 hrs (was told 100hrs before), I was thinking it has to be 200 hours of orchestra only or all kind of genres.  
200 hrs with every type of music works? 
He's already getting a pair or Fiio EM3s or VE Monk+. Too bad his budget is limited. 
Wowed a friend today with these. He is non-head fi though, but his expression was priceless. Went through a single song with eyes closed. Then commented, OMG, these are that good. 
The mids are magical with this one :P
On board guys. 12 hrs into burn in & I feel like Harry Potter :P
Getting hyped for it already, Fiio is gradually taking over the world.....well the audio industry lol. 
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