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Exactly my feeling with the E11.
I'm actually looking for an amp for my HE-400 & not for iems. The Fiio X1 itself can drive them fine. 
Oh cool, please let me know, specially the comparison between the two. 
Thanks mate. I'm currently stuck in between the Dunu Titan 1 & the GR07 bass. Interestingly, the dunu is perhaps slightly pricier in SG.Regarding an amp, i'm not sure if i'll buy one, but if I do, it would be amongst those 3. I've heard the O2 is amazing, & outperforms the other two. Is it so?
Nobody here to help me out? 
Hello guys. On the 1st week of June, i'll be travelling to Singapore & malaysia & I was wondering to get myself some upgrades. Let me tell you guys about my current setup- HP- Hifiman HE-400 (love it) DAP- Fiio X1 (amazing) Portable amp- Fiio E11  IEM- Steelseries Flux non-pro. (love the sound, wish it were a bit more clean & crisp) So, I'm looking to get an upgrade. I need a portable amp (for my HE-400) and an IEM for regular use. I am looking into the following atm....
Counter strike: Global Offensive. 1641 hours till today. Still don't have a good mic.
I currently am using the HE-400 as my primary setup. Would love to try the new HE1000 out, but only if you send me one.  FYI, I leave in Bangladesh. 
Got my headphones after talking with Justin. He was confused seeing that the IP that requested the purchase was from Bangladesh. Anyways, great cans :)
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