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How does the mojo compare to the o2+odac in regards of sound? I planned on getting the O2+Odac, but decided to get the lyr+bifrost combo instead.
Pretty common stack I guess. :P
ZMF Supreme/Supremus. The name says it all. That is what that head phone is. Top for the line. Elegent. Beautiful. Premium. I could have gone for Primo, but nuforce has an iem line with that name. 
Somebody lend me 250 bucks right now :'(
Did you refer to my post? If yes, thank you man :DIt's definitely a class above the O2+ODAC combo I had prior to this.
Thanks man :)Got the entire bundle (dac+amp+tube) for around 630USD, used. Thats almost half the price of the original.
The stack is ready.  PC>Foobar2000>Optical out>Schiit Bifrost Uber>Schiit Lyr with Bugle Boy 6DJ8 ECC88 (6922) AMPEREX matched pair tubes>Audeze LCD-2
I think those are adorama exclusive.
Not yet as only a few people in my country actually own a LCD-2, but I know someone who does and will do a comparison if I can find some time to meet him.@qaminh maybe you can do that.
I got my aluminium lcd-2 from adorama for 699$ on september. I don't think it will go cheaper than that. The same deal opens up from time to time, will probably run during black friday as well. If you don't mind geting metal over wood then you can go for it.
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