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I know that too, NLNH told me that when I got my pair. But since the recommended time is more than 200 hrs (was told 100hrs before), I was thinking it has to be 200 hours of orchestra only or all kind of genres.  
200 hrs with every type of music works? 
He's already getting a pair or Fiio EM3s or VE Monk+. Too bad his budget is limited. 
Wowed a friend today with these. He is non-head fi though, but his expression was priceless. Went through a single song with eyes closed. Then commented, OMG, these are that good. 
The mids are magical with this one :P
On board guys. 12 hrs into burn in & I feel like Harry Potter :P
Getting hyped for it already, Fiio is gradually taking over the world.....well the audio industry lol. 
Hey guys, check out my review- http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-em3-open-earbud-earphones-with-in-line-microphone-black/reviews/15870
I'm finally back in BD, the EM3 was on my ears almost the entire time during my stay in India. But now, time for some critical listening, Review will be up in a few days. 
I'm currently travelling around India now and I intentionally left the foams back home. So far I was walking around streets of Mumbai wearing these. They don't have a good fit, but they don't fall off unless there is sudden turbulence.
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