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Got my headphones after talking with Justin. He was confused seeing that the IP that requested the purchase was from Bangladesh. Anyways, great cans :)
I was planning to get a HE400 from since it comes with the velour pads for 299$ & ships free inside the US. I am not a US citizen but I have someone who is going there. But as he will be on a tight schedule, I need to exactly/approximately know how long does it take to ship the hp from headamp via standard free shipping inside US. Thank you. 
I was looking for a portable audio cd player as I've a lot of audio cds to listen to. Any suggestions on what would be good for around 20-30$? The budget is strict. Please provide a link to the product you mention. Thanks :D
Tried all 3 settings but all the time I was getting confused about the sound. Prolly they don't suit me the way they do to others. Anyways, always a fan of stereo headphones, so it really doesnt bother me :p
Well I tried it & it sounds really bad. It feels like I am in a hallroom where every sound I hear is coming from far far away, even when I am firing. Changed back to normal settings. CMSS 3D was far better than this.
They sounded so horrible during music, never changed the settings during gaming. But I'll try em n get back to you tomorrow
Oh that feature....well IMO it completely distorts the sound. I never use it. It gives a feeling of surround effects, but changes the sound a lot, in a bad way. 
Heya. I previously used a creative HS800, which was not bad, but I would prefer stereo headphones with big soundstage for gaming. Razer Megalodon, Steelseries 7H are quite good though, from what I've heard. Never tried them myself.
Currently it's partly mine, partly my mom's wallet, but soon enough I'll be on my own :D
Hello folks, This is my first post in the forums, so I'll introduce myself first. I am Areek, 24, a med student in Bangladesh. I am a compatititve gamer (I play COD4) & always in persuit for newer & better music & listening experiance. I have taste in almost all kinds of music as long as it sounds good. Not even 2 years back, I used to use cheap generic IEMs & Cosonic headphones for music listening & playing games. But around 2 years back, I started to look for something...
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