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I've been using the alien for a month now, definitely more musical than my O2+Odac combo, pairs amazing with the shozy zero. Also, driving my he-400 unamped/amping with o2 is also a treat to my ears. Now waiting for my LCD-2's to arrive
It's been 4 months and the zero has become my primary portable iems. I recently acquired an Alien, the pairing is amazing. My previously beloved fiio ex1 doesnt get much eartime now, sadly. 
The LCD-2 has always been my 'dream' headphones, ever since i've heard about them, I knew this would probably be my endgame can. With my parents going to USA later this month and adorama giving an amazing discount on the aluminium version (699USD) decided to pull the trigger. Waiting for October 5th, fingers crossed.  Have plans to run it with my O2+Odac combo, then upgrade to a 500/600$ DAC/AMP setup later when I can manage the cash. Any suggestions/tips?
you're welcome, and glad that you like it :)
I have posted a review of the Shozy zeros, as well as a comparison with the Fiio EX1. Here they are- http://www.head-fi.org/products/shozy-zero-iem/reviews/16264
After almost a month, I think I have almost reached '0' the demanded 200hr playback time. Going to put my review up in a few days, along with a couple of comparisons. 
I know that too, NLNH told me that when I got my pair. But since the recommended time is more than 200 hrs (was told 100hrs before), I was thinking it has to be 200 hours of orchestra only or all kind of genres.  
200 hrs with every type of music works? 
He's already getting a pair or Fiio EM3s or VE Monk+. Too bad his budget is limited. 
Wowed a friend today with these. He is non-head fi though, but his expression was priceless. Went through a single song with eyes closed. Then commented, OMG, these are that good. 
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