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My fav is green but I think you like the purple ones.
I've been using the Schiit Lyr (original, 1964 paired amperex tubes) with Schiit Bifrost for a month now. The sound initially felt odd coming from my previous O2+ODAC combo, I was acutally overwhelmed by the Lyr's ability to provide a sound that is more punchier and lively sound. But after listening to it for sometime, then going back to the O2, the difference was night and day, in a good way. I guess the lyr-2 synergises less with the LCD series than the original does.  
Amazing. Always a fan of Fiio products. Currently I own the following Fiio products -E12 amp, X1 DAC, EX1 iems and EM3 earbuds. Other gears include the Schiit Lyr+Bifrost, Audeze LCD-2, Shozy Zero, Shozy Alien dap. Lets hope I get to try these out :D My reviews-  1. Beyerdynamic DT-990 2. Dunu Titan 1...
Do they really make swappable cups for LCD-2? I got the aluminium one from adorama (699$) and might be interested in wooden cups. 
How does the mojo compare to the o2+odac in regards of sound? I planned on getting the O2+Odac, but decided to get the lyr+bifrost combo instead.
Pretty common stack I guess. :P
ZMF Supreme/Supremus. The name says it all. That is what that head phone is. Top for the line. Elegent. Beautiful. Premium. I could have gone for Primo, but nuforce has an iem line with that name. 
Somebody lend me 250 bucks right now :'(
Did you refer to my post? If yes, thank you man :DIt's definitely a class above the O2+ODAC combo I had prior to this.
Thanks man :)Got the entire bundle (dac+amp+tube) for around 630USD, used. Thats almost half the price of the original.
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