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Agreed, But how does one place an order? I don't speak the language!
I'm looking to try a 2 Driver pair. Just wondering if there is a sweet spot for price.   Best Ron
I have a set that I want to use for on stage monitoring. Comply does not list them. Any idea which tips will fit? Best ron
Okay, I'm a real newbie here. I recently went wireless IEM with my classic rock band and would like to upgrade my buds. I'm currently using Etymotic HF5's and while nice, the one driver leaves something to be desired. I went the custom route 2 years ago and really hated the fit. I cannot remember from whom I purchased them, but after one gig I sent them back and got a full refund.    My budget is up to $300.00 new or used.   The following comes through my mix:   2...
I love my Etymotic HF5's. I'm not an audiophile, but they seem to do the job for me.
Hi Folks:   I recently went wireless with my band and love it, but I am struggling to get a clean guitar sound through my IEM's. I'm using a set of Etymotic HF 5's that I've had and while the vocals sound pristine, my guitar sounds clipped. My guess is that the ear buds need to be upgraded. I went the custom IEM route a few years back and really did not like the hard shells. I would probably purchase custom buds for a new set.   Any...
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