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Also interested... still available?
These are sold, right?
Hope you will be processing my refund soon then! I like aleman have been shocked by this, and cannot believe that you are making your customers pay for production changes. Surely this is something a reasonable company would swallow as 'a lesson to be learned'.
Hey, I also had the same problem, and as much as some people said they could get AIFF to work, it NEVER did for me! Even contacted A&K, and they said they were "working on it".... Never heard back, of course. Anyway, my solution was to bite the bullet and change to FLAC as much as I could. Especially using the 'Tag' app, everything is now SO easy. Sorry it's not what you want to hear, but that's my experience anyway :/
Yeah, I also use tag, and it works fine for FLAC files with small artwork.
Yeah, I'm beginning to resign myself to this... as long as I can at least get the tracks in order, I can live with no album art, especially when it's going to be in my pocket/bag most of the time anyway
Yeah Mhuusko, I'm getting close to that myself, even though I'll have to buy a cheap PC to do it ;)   Sam, They didn't come up immediately, but yeah, ONLY the (bought) flac files finally showed album art. So, do you know is it a complete impossibility for AIFF (which most of my music is in) & DSF/D to show album art??
Hi, Thanks for all the informative postings above. I've done all that has been mentioned about getting album art on, but still nothing is working, even when it shows on 'tag', I've reduced the size, etc. Tried on a number of different files too, mp3, AIFF, DSD.. All don't seem to work! Any other suggestions?  (And while it hasn't been mentioned by anyone yet, if ANYONE knows about how to get Japanese characters to show properly also, that would be great :)
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