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Yeah, it's no deal breaker for me, just annoying when your rocking out. I'm not sure what causes the skipping or freezing, all of my music on the X5 are hi-res downloads from HDTracks (or acoustic sounds), so I'm not sure if the file sizes may have something to do with it?
I think it's pretty subtle and the fact that it's still called the LCD-3 and not something else shows that it was not meant to be a drastic upgrade but simply an evolution. If people describe it as being a significant change that's just because this is the hi end part of head fi where things like cables and isolation plates drastically improve performance (though nobody's wife would ever know the difference
 It also just shuts down randomly at times.
 Mine seems to freeze a lot too, especially when the battery is getting low. This thing is full of quirks but at least the sound quality makes it worth it.
Opinions do seem to be split as to whether the LCD-3C or LCD-3F is better, though I preferred the Fazor'd version myself for it's superior resolution and clarity but others also prefer the original version for it's smoothness and bass accentuation as kkcc pointed out..
The newest ones from 2014 are the ones with the 110 impedance rating. They were updated with the fazor element from the lcd-x and xc models. They are said to provide better clarity an separation and are slightly easier to drive.
Yes 5800 file limit still there for tracks in a single folder. Can still have more music than that though if it's in different folders
Terrified by demand? These are being sold for money and not fairy dust right? May need to put in some extra hours to keep up with demand but with a name as well respected as Schiit and the billing of "end-game" you have to figure there is going to be pretty good demand. Even if that demand is quite demanding
I have a Peachtree NovaPre & 220 watt power amp that I currently use with my KEF LS50's so I will be directly comparing it with the Ragnarok soon.
I would think it would be more about the gear beta testers plan on pairing it with
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