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My wife always says the same thing.... about my Comp4 cable
I was actually more impressed by the Campfire Audio Andromeda actually after hearing them both. They're also $500 cheaper so that's what I ended up with.
I am and they work and sound the same as regular complys to me. Only notice a difference with silicon tips to be honest.
No, don't say it! My wallet just ran away...
Well I said for the most part, yes obviously it's not only new headphones. But follow the trend backwards and you'll see how every time some hot new headphone comes out last weeks hotness gets bumped. Which I'm all for if the headphone is truly better but his description of the Utopia makes it sound like a lesser version of the HE1000 for more moneyEither way I'll make my own decision on this one. Still enjoy his reviews thoroughly just don't necessarily agree with the WOF.
What I don't get is why Tylls WOF seems to be just the newest available headphones for the most part. The hot thing at the moment. For example taking the HE1000 off and then replacing it with the Utopia while saying its bass light and has a small soundstage. Well the HE1000 has neither of those problems and its $1000 less! I feel like he gets on board the hype train a bit at times even though he clearly sees the headphones for what they are if he can find specific faults...
I'm just doing a demo, hoping it doesn't need to become a purchase for my wallets sake!
 I own the Andromeda and should be receiving the Utopia in 2-3 weeks, will be able to offer a few comparisons.
Your link is to private videos that no one can see there big boy
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