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Even at $2500 I would still think it's a pretty good value if it competes with amps that go for over $3000.
Dang, I feel lucky to have gotten it for $1540 (beta w/ $40 shipping) after seeing what people in Australia have to pay, that sucks
Dang, you had me for a second, I was like this guy must just have money burning a hole in his pocket or something! I feel the same way, the gear is expensive enough, no need to go spend 800 bucks or something crazy on an "audiophile" rack. Maybe if I was rich but I'm a working stiff and compromises must be made! I'd much rather have the Rag with no rack and the Mojo with a nice rack. May just make something myself.
Thanks, I may do something similar. Also, dude how many HD800's do you have?!?
 Ok thanks, I will have to look for a rack that I can fit on my desktop then.
Well yeah, it's got feet on it, so there's probably half an inch or so seperation.
Just wondering since I've never had gear that runs this warm, is it safe to place my Vega DAC on top of the Rag, or should I get a stand for it to keep them seperate?
I'm thinking Norne for my next balanced LCD-3 cable, which one did you get? Trevor says they have a new one coming next month I might wait for, supposed to be their new top of the line cable.
 Yeah ygg vs. Vega could be very interesting. VEGA is certainly a great DAC, but at over 3k it ain't cheap, would be nice if it could compete for around 2k though.
 The Rag is amp, the VEGA is a DAC, they are completely different components, but I can say they pair well together as that's the combo I'm using.
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