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The new version is still pretty new but here's one comparisonhttps://gavinsgadgets.com/2016/10/18/oppo-ha-2-vs-oppo-ha-2-se-all-the-differences-hardware-sound-quality/
Newer TOTL ESS Sabre DAC.
I've dinked around with a lot of these portable DAC/Amps now and I'd say the best that are currently out there are the following:Low Price - Dragonfly RedMid Price - Chord MojoHigh Price - ALO Audio CDM
Mine also came with Sylvania OB2's :)
Hi,   I'm looking to sell an AK70 that I just purchased a few days ago. It retails for $600, and the case goes for $80 and the 200GB SD Card goes for $75 as well, so all told about $755 retail. Everything is in perfect condition, just doesn't quite work with my planar headphones so I'm looking to unload it. Will consider trades. Thanks,   Alex
No I didn't get one, didn't know we were supposed to anyway so no biggie for me. Amp is still the shiz-ness.
So just got the AK70 yesterday and I've gotta say I'm a little bit disappointed so far. Sound wise, it seems like a step down from my Dragonfly Red that I just sold to simplify my setup with the AK70 taking its place. Considering I paid 3 times the price (got the DFR for $150 used and the AK70 for $450 used) I've got to say it kind of seems like a bad decision at this point. UI is very slow for me for some reason, Wi-Fi has been spotty in my house, even though I've got...
It's also insanely powerful. This thing could power any headphone no doubts about it. I haven't even ventured past a quarter turn on the volume knob
I own it and it powers everything I've thrown at it just fine. Easily drives my LCD-3 even though the 4 needs more juice I think you'll have plenty
I tried it with the Studio Six and it was a phenomenal pairing. Just got the Liquid Gold in yesterday too but I can't say how that pairs with it since I don't have the Utopia anymore.
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