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It should drive the LCD-4 no problem. It works great with my HE1000 and that's a beast to drive properly. It also sounds good paired with Audezes, I've used it with my LCD-3 and the pairing was superb though it requires less juice obviously. Only pairing I don't care for is my Ether C, bit too bass light for me but I just got a TH-900 today too so will see how that pairing is soon.As far as sales, they don't generally do them, even for Christmas. I was waiting to buy the...
Yggy and be done with it. 
As info, burn in is not required for BA Drivers, there should be no change to the sound no matter how long you use them. The differences, real or imagined, would have to be pure placebo effect (i.e. believing they sound better after your brain adjusts to their sound signature)
FWIW I wasn't really that impressed by the Nova's either when I heard them compared to all the rest of their lineup (particularly the Andromeda, which was so fantastic) but I'm not trying to rip on what's a new headphone for a lot of people. But yes I found them to be congested and unbalanced.
Nice setup, Yeah I'd like to check out the LCD-4 eventually, if it was 3k I would swing it but 4k is just a bit too much for one pair of headphones right now. I can say the Ether C is an excellent headphone, best closed back one I've heard yet. Just make sure you prefer a neutral sound signature because that's exactly what it's going to give you. I will be pitting it against the TH-900 this weekend to see which TOTL closed back headphone reigns supreme!
Well put, just goes to show there are plenty of ways to achieve the goal of great sound quality   Just curious, I know you said you are still looking into your high end home setup, what is some of the gear you've been considering?
Liquid Gold or Studio Six are good Audeze pairings.
Speaking of the TH-900 I've got one coming on Friday. Does Peter make adapters for it with the Comp4? I can't find anything on the website.
I get what you are saying, you were looking for a portable setup and not TOTL cans. My point was simply that people looking to get after market cables should look to spend between 15-30% of the cost of the headphones on cables.   For example, your meze's are one third the price of THE CABLE!!! I'm sorry but that's just insane to me. Like I said before, it's your money so I have no say in what you decide to do with it, I just don't want to see newer head-fi'ers thinking...
TheOneInYellow, we are gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. I know you've given a lot of great of advice to users on these forums so I just wanted to offer my counterbalance opinion.   I've always gone by the rule that you should spend about 15-30% of the cost of the headphones on cabling. The amount of sound quality increase to be had from cable improvements is relatively small compared to upgrading to a higher end headphone. So for example, you spent about...
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