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 Yeah it's really all about personal preference at this level. In all honesty, I would probably name the Utopia as the best headphone of the bunch, even though my personal favorites (and the 2 I kept) were the LCD-4 & HE1000. I feel like they give a ying and yang balance where sometimes, like late at night, I want a wider spacious soundstage and laid back tonality of the HE1000. And then sometimes I just want the visceral impact of the LCD-4. Utopia is certainly no slouch...
 Actually I don't really find them "bass light" per se, more that the Audeze's are "Bass Heavy" which is my personal preference. I really, really liked the Utopia too, definitely one of the best headphones I've ever heard, but I just felt like for the type of music I most often listen too, it's not the best fit. It can also be a little closed in and treble bright at times (well closed in sounding all the time really).I pretty much will always plan to have an Audeze...
 Yeah, I've had a few driver failures (both on my LCD2 as well) and their customer service has been less than stellar from my personal experience (the 2nd time my LCD2 failed they sent it back still broken!! and then wanted me to pay shipping costs again!!) which would normally be unforgiveable for me. But Audeze's are like heroin to me, sometimes I just need that fix!I also found the LCD-4 to be significantly more comfortable than my old LCD-3 as well, but still not as...
Nevermind, found it at Adorama. Damn, I thought this thing was a serious value buy at $550, I couldn't resist pulling the trigger on it at $400. Kind of curious if it can power my new LCD-4 on Turbo mode. If so that will be some fun vacations this summer bringing my LCD-4 & iDSD BL on the road with me. Pretty crazy how good portable sound quality has gotten.
I still see it as $550 on Amazon, where is it on sale for $400?
on sale for $400 you say, why do I want to buy this device I don't even need!!!!
 Exactly, it was awesome with well recorded music, but my problem was I listen to a lot of newer rock/pop so it could be a bit too revealing of poorly recorded music. If I listened to more jazz, classical, opera, etc. it would definitely be my number # 1 choice, but I think the LCD-4 does modern recordings better. Can't afford to own both either so the Utopia had to go as much as I liked it to make room for the LCD-4.
 +1, it was incredibly realistic sounding sometimes, didn't end up being my cup of tea though so I bought an LCD-4 instead and I'm already liking it more in a few hours of listening.
Versatility in the name of the game with the BL.
HE1000 V2 changes were mostly cosmetic weren't they? Haven't really kept up with it (since I thought the upgrade price was ridiculous) but when it was announced I don't remember anything saying the sound quality had been changed with the V2
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