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 I disagree, I found my Audeze LCD-3's & Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog's both to be noticeably underpowered with just the HPO of the X5 alone. The E12 is absolutely necessary in my opinion for power hungry headphones. It's almost silly to spend 2 grand on headphones too and not want to spend an additional $130 to amplify them properly for portable use but if it works for you I guess.
 I think that's the most sensible choice, in all honestly the seperation between the two is not great, still has the Audeze house sound like you said. If your going to spend the money I would seriously recommend considering investing it in other flagship phones with different signatures like an HE-6 or HD800 for example. Much bigger difference between those and the LCD-3 that exists between the LCD-3C & 3F.
 Yeah, I wouldn't plan on using the Ragnarok to drive my SE846's full time, but I am curious to see how they sound with a better amp than my Fiio E12.
 Nope, just the railroad gods In all seriousness though these are big purchases for me just like for most around here, but I've saved up for them for a while and this is my hobby so I may as well enjoy it, can't take the $ with me
Well good luck with your search then, either way this is not the right place to post looking for an answer anyway since this is the X5 thread
 It was Bop Til You Drop. Straits did help popularize the digital format by helping to sell CD's for Philips.
Also plan on comparing the Ragnarok to the ALO Studio Six when I buy that pretty soon. Should be some of the best solid state vs. tube options out there.
I've also got a pair of Shure SE-846's I plan to test with it when I receive the beta unit, along with my LCD-3F's, Alpha Dogs and KEF LS50 speakers. I plan to give it the full monty and see what it's made out of
I think you would benefit from the sound quality improvements for your lossless files. For the low bitrate mp3s I would probably just stick with the iPod. Have you tried downloading any hi-res music yet?
Yeah, it's no deal breaker for me, just annoying when your rocking out. I'm not sure what causes the skipping or freezing, all of my music on the X5 are hi-res downloads from HDTracks (or acoustic sounds), so I'm not sure if the file sizes may have something to do with it?
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