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I used to own the Burson conductor as well. I prefer the Oppo in terms of sound quality. Plus it's cheaper and has way more versatility and looks great to boot.
Excellent pairing and the one I personally use. The lcd-3 benefits from a brighter DAC which I think the Oppo has. Helps balance out the warmth of the audeze headphones
Interesting. Love to hear others thoughts as that's my potential endgame pairing right now
Any word on HE1000 synergy?
If I'm honestly that blown away by it I'll probably just buy a liquid gold since I want my next amp to be an endgame one. I actually think I'll be disappointed though because I doubt it will compete with other amps I've heard already though I think it will be very good for the price.
Not trying to flip. Just don't need it. I bought it purely just to hear it with no intention of keeping it, mainly wanted to hear a cavalli and this is about as cheap as buying a flight to go to a show not trying to make any money on it either I'll well below cost after they've gone out but I'm not gonna give it away either just figured someone might want to get a better price by waiting a month or so after general release and that way they have something lined up too....
If anyone's interested I plan on selling my LC soon after it arrives. PM me if you want to set something up now and are looking to get a discount on one. 
I would say before ordering a cable like the Heimdall, make sure your other gear is in order. I'm sure the Liquid Carbon will be a very good amp, but it's silly to pair a $799 cable with a $599 amp, you'd probably get better returns just getting an amp priced around $1500 in that case and using a stock cable. 
It's actually like $200 more than the Liquid Carbon if I'm not mistaken.
It's actually like $200 more than the Liquid Carbon if I'm not mistaken.
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