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I noticed the greatest improvement with about 100 hours maybe though I think they still may be improving as I'm only at maybe 130 or so. These things are like a drug they are addicting as hell.
Easily the best I've ever heard is all I can say, but the best I've owned is the LCD-3F and HD-800, never heard the SR-009, Abyss, Orpheus, etc.
 Gotta agree with Dennis here (Money4Me), the one thing I have been finding as a possible fault with these headphones is they need a lot of juice to get the low-level detail sounding great. This is turn can lead to the volume getting out of control, especially on the louder dynamic passages. I've taken them off at times and the volume, while on my head didn't seem excessive, was so loud they seemed like a pair of speakers once I took them off. I would suggest being careful...
Price Drop to $550. (25% off retail)
Only way to find out what you think about them is to try them for yourself. Those of us who have tried them like myself and money4me can only give our thoughts on them and despite the rocky start with the launch of the HE1000, I think anyone who gives them a shot will agree they sound incredible.
It's also a much older headphone though too, and technology moves fast. Not saying it's not rightly better, it is a classic after all, but we all know price doesn't always correspond with performance either.
That's just one persons opinion. I find them to be very revealing but have found they sound good with all types of music not just audiophile approved records
Thought the studio six wasn't supposed to be tubey sounding
 This is HiFiman, not the Gustapo. There was nothign in the beta program prohibiting testers from comparing the HE1000 with other headphones, heck that's half the fun of Head-Fi!
Price drop. Now 25% off retail
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