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We have a fairly old Mac Mini, I don't remember that exact model and it works pretty well, but it is a dedicated audio device. Looking at the specs on the base Mac Mini (1.4 gHz), that seems pretty weak. I'd suggest going for the mid range model (2.6gHz, 8gb ram), that'll be more than enough for BitPerfect and I'd imagine for any HD video you might throw at it.
The sound should be pretty much identical, this is how BitPerfect's reference system is set up. Gigabit wired connection to a Synology NAS, and we notice no degradation vs. the built-in drive on a Mac Mini.
Gapless playback has been deteriorating for a while. The root cause is the iTunes "up next" feature. There is currently no way to ask iTunes about the "up next" list.   The net result of this is, gapless playback can only work if what iTunes reports as the next track happens to match "up next". What iTunes reports as the next track is the order you see on the primary playlist. So if that playlist is sorted by, for example, track name, then gapless won't work. On the...
f.lux is fantastic, it is nice to think of BP being similarly indispensable :)
 EQ should certainly be easier to do than crossfeed. I've experimented with a variety of crossfeed solutions, both hardware and software and I've yet to find one I truly like. Even trying an HRTF based system didn't yield a workable result.
 Sorry for taking such a long time to reply! Next up for us is an update to DSD Master that will fix some outstanding bugs and also make conversions quite a bit faster. It will also set the stage for us to play with some new conversion filters. As for BP, a dark mode icon will definitely be in the next update, but we'd also like to update the audio engine to make it a bit more efficient (that's currently beta level) as well as improve the stability of our interaction with...
I guess it is a matter of personal preference, but I've always found those to be bad for sound quality and not to really solve the in-my-head problem.
It is certainly something we're interested in, the question is in doing it right. Canz3D is certainly one option. I'm hesistant to go that route because I'm not sure I like the idea of having BitPerfect's audio chain run any old 3rd party code. It is quite heavily optimized for a reason :) The other option is trying to do it myself. The problem with this is understanding what exactly constitutes good crossfeed. I've yet to find an implementation (hardware or software) that...
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