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I guess it is a matter of personal preference, but I've always found those to be bad for sound quality and not to really solve the in-my-head problem.
It is certainly something we're interested in, the question is in doing it right. Canz3D is certainly one option. I'm hesistant to go that route because I'm not sure I like the idea of having BitPerfect's audio chain run any old 3rd party code. It is quite heavily optimized for a reason :) The other option is trying to do it myself. The problem with this is understanding what exactly constitutes good crossfeed. I've yet to find an implementation (hardware or software) that...
It wasn't a file to delete, rather a command to run in Terminal.   The next version of BitPerfect will have a dark-mode icon.
There is currently no UI for this.   You can delete the list by doing: defaults delete com.bitperfectsound.BitPerfect "BitPerfect_DSDDeviceCapabilities"
Generally speaking any of the SoX options will outperform Core Audio. As to choosing between linear, intermediate and minimum, I think you're best trusting your ears.
BitPerfect shows the bit depth the DAC is configured to, which could be higher than the input file depending on how the DAC works.
 Glad you're enjoying it :)
BitPerfect 1.0.8 has been released. This is a bug fix release that solves a long standing annoyance caused by a bug in iTunes.   Changes are: Fix looping/skipping caused by iTunes communication problems. Ready for OSX Mavericks.   As always, contact or send me a PM if you have any questions / comments or bug reports.
At the moment it doesn't look like it. The licensing terms for the iZotope plug-in don't make much sense for BitPerfect :(
  None that immediately come to mind. Since the quality of the interaction between BitPerfect and iTunes can be system dependent, turning the option on or off and sometimes make general functionality better. Overall it is probably a more buggy option, but if it works for you and you can hear a difference, then go for it.   Note, if you use iTunes remote with minimize iTunes mode, you'll get the same play/pause button problem.  
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