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I just got home from CanJam. All I can say is that I had an awesome time! I really need to thank Jude for inventing Head-Fi, the organizers (John, David, Greg, Ed, Aaron, Luis) for putting on a fantastic meet, all the vendors that turned out to support this great community, and last but not least, all of the great members that make Head-Fi so great. Here are some of the highlights of the meet for me Listening to the HD800 on the Headroom BUDA and Ultra DAC, what a...
I couldn't help myself, I ordered these. I hope I love them
Thank You Grado, Todd, Jude, Head-Fi. I've placed my order!
Quote: Originally Posted by LFF Yes, it does matter how good the encoder is and mastering quality does play a role as well. I've had to prove this time and time again with so many members on many a different forum. You are right in that harmonic complexity does make the biggest difference with most encoders. Most, but not all. You are correct, I have heard for myself some amazing sounding 128k MP3s and I have to say that this must be based upon...
My first turntable in years, a music hall mmf-5. I do love the sound of analog and revisiting some music of my youth.
Quote: Originally Posted by dallan "Mystery Train" - Jerry Garcia Band "Mystery Dance" - Elvis Costello
That is a beautiful amp. Justin does a great job with both the aesthetics and performance of this amps. Nate - thanks for the impressions, it definitely sounds like a must listen to rig at Can Jam.
I bought Jim's W5000 with Fitz's F5005 mod. It was a pleasure dealing with Jim, he answered all my questions quickly and was nice enough to show me how to take them apart incase I wanted to undo the mods. I would highly recommend dealing with Jim.
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