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I have the UE4 Pro and like them very much. They are very well balanced and sound great with most music. I love the isolation that customs offer and have since gotten rid of my noise cancelling headphones for travel. They sound better than any iems that i've owned previously. My favorites before this were the Shure e500. But all this said, I voted for the JH5. I say this because I heard a few of the JH Audio iems at CanJam and was totally impressed with their sound,...
Looks good Ken, I hope it makes it to production. There is definitely a market for an ultra small good sounding LOD for the iphone / iPod. It looks to be a good match with the Pico Slim.
thisbenjamin - nice review. I have the DA11 and do like this DAC quite a bit. It does not seem to impart any real coloration to the sound. The PIC feature is interesting, but I normally don't use this feature. The only issue that I've had with this is when I used the USB input from my laptop, it drops the signal after playing for a while. I've tried changing USB cables and seen the same results.
Quote: Originally Posted by shamu144 Please someone explains me this Are you actually saying you won this unit for free You should have been at Can Jam
Quote: Originally Posted by nsx_23 Interesting. How much is it? US$149 from Jaben Jaben Online Store
I have tried several ipod docks over the years and the ALO docks do sound good, if they are worth the price of admission is up to you. But even the cheapest Bling Bling dock sounds good. Uncle Erik has a point regarding buying smart, but I love having a very good sounding portable with me since I travel quite a bit for work. So for me it is worth trying to assemble a good sounding portable rig. Unfortunately I can't take my turntable with me everywhere I go.
Crossroads was very generous in offering quite a few head-fiers with the GoVibe Martini and Quattro headphone packages at the Can Jam raffle. I've been listening to the GoVibe Martini for a few hours now and am very impressed with this little amp. It reminds me of the Tomahawk, it is small, runs on two "AAA" batteries which are supposed to run this little amp for hundreds of hours. It also has a gain switch on the back. At first on high gain, I could hear some grain to...
Ken, It was great meeting you in person. Your new Amphora amp looks even better in person than in the pictures. And thank you so very much for donating the cable, I am sure it will sound as good as it looks. Regards, Steve
I owe a huge THANK YOU to Lavry for donating a Lavry DA11 to the raffle. I was fortunate enough to win this unit and it is indeed a winner. The new >PiC< (Playback Image Control) feature is very nice, I'm still experimenting with it, but it definitely works to effectively widen / narrow the soundstage. It is a great DAC and sounds very nice with headphones. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you've definitely gained a Lavry fan.
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