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Thanks Happy Camper and krmathis :-)
The prototype of the TA that I heard at CanJam sounded wonderful, even under meet conditions. I have to resist the temptation since I'm already awaiting delivery of a new headphone amp from Craig.
Ian purchased a Beatles Stereo Boxset from me. It was a pleasure dealing with Ian and I would not hesitate doing so again. Highly recommended Head-Fier.
I have for sale one Beatles Stereo Boxset , brand new and unopened. SOLD CONUS only.
I use the following to hold / store my headphones 1. Sennheiser headphone holder (HH 10) 2. S2 Audio Sundance stand (very nice and reasonably priced) 3. Banana hanger / coffee mug stand 4. Headphone storage bag ( 5. Store them in their original boxes
Craig, The Studio I or II sound very promising. Any idea what size the Studio will be? I'm looking forward to the new AMP and the Studio.
I stopped by Craig's house on Sunday and had the pleasure of listening to foo_me's amp. It was burning in and it was just amazing, you guys are in for a real treat. The workmanship and attention to detail is phenomenal, I really love Craig's work. His amps look good and sound just as good. Thanks Min, I was hoping to see you there.
I sold Pete my Audio Technica ANC7. He was a pleasure to work with, as I was busy with work, and then UPS lost the headphones for a week. I would highly recommend Pete.
I am looking forward to the pico slim, especially since losing my pico amp / dac. I may still buy another pico amp / dac, because it was the best portable for work with ipod or computer and it's small size is great.
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