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Thanks Happy Camper and krmathis :-)
The prototype of the TA that I heard at CanJam sounded wonderful, even under meet conditions. I have to resist the temptation since I'm already awaiting delivery of a new headphone amp from Craig.
Ian purchased a Beatles Stereo Boxset from me. It was a pleasure dealing with Ian and I would not hesitate doing so again. Highly recommended Head-Fier.
I have for sale one Beatles Stereo Boxset , brand new and unopened. SOLD CONUS only.
I use the following to hold / store my headphones 1. Sennheiser headphone holder (HH 10) 2. S2 Audio Sundance stand (very nice and reasonably priced) 3. Banana hanger / coffee mug stand 4. Headphone storage bag (goodcans.com/headphonestore) 5. Store them in their original boxes
Craig, The Studio I or II sound very promising. Any idea what size the Studio will be? I'm looking forward to the new AMP and the Studio.
I stopped by Craig's house on Sunday and had the pleasure of listening to foo_me's amp. It was burning in and it was just amazing, you guys are in for a real treat. The workmanship and attention to detail is phenomenal, I really love Craig's work. His amps look good and sound just as good. Thanks Min, I was hoping to see you there.
I sold Pete my Audio Technica ANC7. He was a pleasure to work with, as I was busy with work, and then UPS lost the headphones for a week. I would highly recommend Pete.
I have the UE4 Pro and like them very much. They are very well balanced and sound great with most music. I love the isolation that customs offer and have since gotten rid of my noise cancelling headphones for travel. They sound better than any iems that i've owned previously. My favorites before this were the Shure e500. But all this said, I voted for the JH5. I say this because I heard a few of the JH Audio iems at CanJam and was totally impressed with their sound,...
New Posts  All Forums: