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Hi, I do own the Bling Bling dock in silver and it is flexible enough and can take some abuse. I don't think you can beat it for $45. It is quite compact and works well with my ipod and portaphile amp. Unless you really abuse it, i'm sure it will work great for years to come.
I would love to attend the meet. I can be there on Saturday. I will be out of town the three weeks prior to the meet, so I won't be able to help prior to the meet. I can donate some music for your drawing.
I just started on my head-fi journey and I know I have quite a few more purchases until I would like to be. I voted 40%. Current setup: 4G 60GB iPod => RnB AudioDock => Portaphile X3 w/Blackgate caps, BUF634, class A biasing => HD580, AL IM716, KSC75 Future upgrades: - RWA iMod - Shure E500 - different amp? I'm looking toward good portable sound.
I just purchased both the KSC75 and HD201 for under $30 from Amazon! With free shipping, what a deal. Both are very good headphones. I like the KSC75 a bit better right now, but will hold judgement until both are broken in.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Voltron Yow, Zippy, you got it bad already! Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your pinhead, I mean, wallet! Thanks Voltron, i know what people mean by "Curse you Head-Fi" I have been an audiophile for a while, but last xmas my brother-in-law bought me an iPod. In the search for the best sound possible has brought me here to Head-Fi.
Yes, there is now a TurboDock III. Here is the page with all the information.
Hi, Nice review of the mini cables. I too have been in the search for the best in sound and portability. Have you tried any different docks? I have the TurboDock III and the Sendstation. I like that the TurboDock locks into the iPod and I like the sound a bit better.
Have: Grado SR-60 Etymotic ER6 Sennheiser HD580 On Order: Altec Lansing IM716 Shure E500 Would like to hear: HD650 K701 Shure E500 Better Grado, Beyers, etc. I am in search of the best portable sound that I can get.
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