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Nice review, I had ordered the SR-202 and am looking forward to giving it a good listen.
I have downloaded the hi-rez version and it sounds great through my Lavry DA11. / Chesky always have some very well recorded music.
Looks like a great meet. I wish I was there. I'll have to make plans to attend next time.
I saw the TTVJ 307A amp on their site the other day. It must have been just recently taken down. That may make the OP choice a bit easier. I did hear the 307A with the PS1000 at CanJam and thought that it sounded great, but I didn't give it a long audition as I was more interested in the HD800 that just came out. The other thing about the 307A tube is availability / choices of tubes. Craig used to offer the 307A tube with this BA, but now is offering the 300B and...
I think the BA and the TTVJ 307A are both extremely competent amps and either would work well with your PS1000s. Both of them can be used single ended or balanced. They both have tube rectified power supplies. I've listened to both amps and I would say they both are closer to neutral than colored in any way. I prefer the BA due to price $3500 vs $5250 and I prefer the classic styling of the BA vs the more industrial look of the TTVJ 307A. Of course I am biased, since...
Sale Pending
Quote: Originally Posted by grokit He's using the handle "Tom Laughlin" these days I have noticed that there definitely have not been any rogue biker gangs in Moorpark
Quote: Originally Posted by grokit Does Billy Jack still live in Moorpark? That's funny, i wasn't even aware the Billy Jack lived in Moorpark. I feel much safer now.
Quote: Originally Posted by newsound Hi, As we have discussed in our PMs, I'm very interested. I sent you a few pms with my address but when I send them, they don't appear in my sent area so I'm not sure if they worked or not. PMs received and responded.
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