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I have been burning these headphones in for about 100 hours now and they do sound very good.  I like that they have a very balanced presentation.  They are closed and do not leak any sound, which is great.  The pads are very comfortable.
I have tried using the FA-003 out of my portable Sony player and you need to crank up the volume a bit more than portable headphones, but otherwise works fine.  They do sound better with a better source and amp.  
Ed, Nice pix.  The HE6 were very impressive, I had only heard the initial prototypes of the Head Direct and Audeze headphones (at CanJam 2009) and wasn't enthralled with either one at that point.  The HE6 certainly has come a long way.  They really sounded very good from top to bottom.  They are fast, musical, well built, comfortable, and did I mention that they look great with the leather. The only thing that I didn't like was how power hungry they are.  I had to...
I received my Fischer Audio FA-003 yesterday.  The one thing that I noticed was the poor packaging, it came in a cardboard shipping box lined with bubble wrap, no real retail packaging to speak of.  Inside was the headphones, cable, spare pads (which is a nice touch), and a small blue instruction folder and warranty card.  The headphones themselves are very light and nicely made, they remind me of a closed Sennheiser HD600 in appearance.  The initial listen was pleasant,...
Both the FA-002 and FA-003 seem lighter than the Sennheiser HD600/HD650s, but I don't think the Sennheisers are heavy either. For me, the Sennheisers fit well and are comfortable.  I'm able to listen to them for hours without fatigue.  The one thing about the FA-002 and FA-003 is that the leather pads are comfortable, but think they could easily seal in the heat on a warm day.
I was listening to some 24/96 flac / Lavry DA11 / Eddie Current Equilibrato amp and they sounded very good to me.  I also didn't think the bass was bloated at all, but I didn't spend a lot of time with them, maybe a few hours.  I will see when my pair arrives and I break them in.
I was able to listen to the FA-003 this past weekend and was impressed by the way they sound.  The highs, mids and lows all are well balanced and work well together.  They do look a bit plasticky, but seem like they are well built.   I'm always looking for value in my audio purchases and for $180 they are a bargain.  I ordered a pair of these for myself and will post some impressions later.
Looks like a lot of great gear and a whole bunch of fun being had.  I'm so dissapointed that I was not able to attend.   The pix and impressions are great for those of us that aren't there enjoying it all.  
Hey LFF,   Nice review, makes me want to give these a listen.   I'm not in love with they way they look, but would have to see what they really look like in person.  If they sound great who cares, I'm sure I wouldn't be wearing these out in public.   Have a Super Fantastic Day!
LFF,   Nice post.  You are very right that everyone has their own taste in music and enjoys their music in different ways.  It's always nice for me to listen to some music while I work, or enjoying some tunes on the plane, or in a car, or just as you do in the evening relaxing in the dark.   Enjoy the music...
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