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The Super 7 looks like a very interesting amp, I look forward to giving it a listen.  It may have single ended input and balanced output.    
Congrats Craig, well deserved praise for an excellent product.  The Balancing Act is the best sounding amp that I've heard.   Keep up the great work!
LFF,   Nice review, I would love to give them a listen some time.  I also own the FA-003 and really enjoy them.  But there is always a place for some headphones that have a nice tight bass to place some Earth Wind and Fire or Rick James. 
I love the way the Balancing Act looks and sounds.  Beautiful amp you have there, nice pix.   Congrats, I'm sure it will sound amazing with the KR tubes.  
LFF, very nicely written review of the HM601.  Greatly appreciated
  The 300B to me sounded warmer and tubier than the PX4s that I had the chance to hear.  Although the 300B tubes did vary quite a bit from the lower end tubes and some better tubes that Craig had on hand (sorry, I forgot what brand he had on hand).  The PX4s were more neutral, but still very musical in their presentation.  The KR PX4s did sound better than the Sophia PX4s, a bit more extended in the highs and a little warmer sound, but I did not think that the sound...
I've heard the Balancing Act with the Sophia PX4, KR PX4 and various 300Bs.  The Sophia PX4 sounds better than the cheaper 300Bs, the KR PX4 sounds better than the Sophia PX4, but with the right 300B it does sound great.  I don't remember which 300B that Craig had, but it sounded excellent and the midrange really did shine.
These new IEMs look phenomenal.  I will definitely look into these.
Thanks Wayne, you make the rest of us look like mere amateurs.   You are truly a shining example to show the spouse how tame my behavior is 
The FA-003 do not leak sound, which is great for some late night listening and not bothering your partner.
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