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I bought the iPhone 7 and this is exactly what I need.  
138 lbs 201 lbs 341 lbs
To Head-Fi and Sennheiser a great big THANK YOU for putting on this wonderful giveaway. I've always wanted to hear the HD25 and Amperion. 
I'd love to join as long as I'm available.  I will help out if I'm there. 
Steve Guttenberg reviewed Eddie Current's Phono Preamp in The Audiophiliac on CNET.   Old-School technology and the the sweet sound of LPs   I have the Eddie Current Phono Preamp and can attest to it's wonderful sound and very reasonable price.
The Eddie Current Equilibrato is a fantastic amp, created by designer Craig Uthus.  It shares a similar tube complement to the top of the line amps, the Balancing Act and Apex Pinnacle. Although it is not on the same level as those amps, it does share some of the same wonderful musical traits as the Balancing Act. Here is my review of the Equilibrato.   
One of a kind Eddie Current amp, the Equilibrato, with a Tung Sol 12SN7 and a pair of Sophia PX4s  
I always "LIKE" Head-amp products, extremely well made and sound terrific.
That is a great deal on a great sounding amp!
Congratulations!  and count me in!
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