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For the cost of $26 shipping, I can probably get something better with guaranteed results
Just bought these for fun. I'm no audiophile but I've been itching to try new IEMs after I bought Monster Jamz
The seller did say it was custom made
M50's are pretty good, but DT770's are better. Comfy, sound better, not pleather Not too sure about the Custom One Pros
Wow, it's been almost 2 months since I posted the Sound Professional pads and everybody seems to be giving positive comments on them. I guess it's time to jump the gun, thanks everyone   Each purchase of the MEE What will randomly receive TWO of the following earphones:   M2P earphones (regular price: $19.99) - 40% RX12P Flat Cable earphones (regular price: $19.99) - 24% M16P earphones (regular price: $24.99) - 35% M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver earphones (regular price: $79.99) - 1%   Coupon Code: STOCKINGSTUFFERS
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I stumbled upon this   Wondering if anybody has information on these? Debating if I should take the gamble or not
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