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Hi Guys,   I´m planning to buy a new DAC to work with my Lyr 2. At the Moment I´m using a HRT-Microstreamer. What do you think I should buy? The Bifrost or the Gungnir? I also have an eye on the Resonessence Labs Concero HD. Which one will be the best choice.   Regards Olaf
Hi, after a warm and sunny weekend (34°) it rained the whole Monday. Today it´s dry but cloudy untill now. Hope the sun comes out later. I also had a look on the Telefunkens but they are very expensive. Are they a kind of endgame tubes? Regards and get well soon.
Switched back to the stock tubes because my Orange Globes are noisy from about 12 o´clock in low gain (in high gain all over). Do you have probs with the Orange Globes or is it bad luck? Maybe I will get Bugle Boys next month.
Hi,  I´m using a HRT Microstreamer at the moment. I like many types of music. Currently I´m listening a lot to Tommy Guerrero, Massive Attack, Daft Punk and older Jack Johnson songs.
My Lyr 2 has arrived and is now loaded with Orange Globe´s. Seems like the Lyr 2 is the perfect partner for my Alpha Dogs. Now I have to save some money to do the next step, buying a bifrost. I have to say that there´s coming very good stuff from the US.
Ordered a Lyr 2 and 1969 Orange Globes for my AD. 
I ordered a Lyr 2 last week from Schiit-Europe. I was told that it takes up to three weeks until delivery. I think there will be no problems because Sonority Audio is listed as a dealer on the Schiit homepage.
My wife will hate me more ;-)
Thank you. I will look there.
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