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Bought the Bowers & Wilkins P7 for a holiday trip but now it´s my new favourite headphone at home, along with my Questyle CMA 800 i. Crazy :-)
Hi, can´t say much so far.The Questyle arrived yesterday, the HD 600 today.I´m looking forward to have a listening session when it´s quiet @home ;-) RegardsOlaf
The Questyle CMA 800 R arrived yesterday, the Sennheiser HD 600 today. Nice Combo so far. 
This is exactly what I´m thinking about :-)
Hello Mike,   my setup is MacBook Air->Audirvana->HRT Microstreamer->Nuforce HA-200-> Audeze LCD-XC.   I hope I can resist buying a second HA-200 but it seems to be hard work.   Regards Olaf
  My Nuforce HA-200 arrived yesterday. I can't believe that it sounds so good for only 349€. I think I´m finished for a while :-)
Bought the HRT microstreamer yesterday and it sounds very well with my Audeze LCD-XC. This little piece is amazing.
THX :-)
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