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  Hi,   bought the G Pads to, but I didn´t like it. I switched to the Sunflower mod. For me the GH1 couldn´t sound better. Think I´m finished for a while.   Regards
Hi, I don´t know if it really makes a sense because the Hugo is a very good amp.Just curious :-) Regards
Yes, why are you asking?
Going to order in the next 2-3 days :-)
  My first Grado and I really like it. It plays very well with the Hugo. Did the Sunflower mod to to add some comfort and bass. Thinking of buying a Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon.
Bought the Bowers & Wilkins P7 for a holiday trip but now it´s my new favourite headphone at home, along with my Questyle CMA 800 i. Crazy :-)
Hi, can´t say much so far.The Questyle arrived yesterday, the HD 600 today.I´m looking forward to have a listening session when it´s quiet @home ;-) RegardsOlaf
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