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Of course I do agree you should have the choice. I suppose it is a matter of firmware, not hardware ... so I guess they will be able so sort it out.
Well, I am so "old" that I am used to listen to albums, so I never do the shuffle. For me each album is made following a concept. Therefore I like the songs to always come in the same order as intended on the album ... I suppose it is a question what one is used to. I grew up with vinyl and I am using it again. Therefore I am so happy with the AK100 because I can listen to highres tracks on the go.   On Monday I bought the Bowers & Wilkins P7 to use with the AK100 and I...
Sadly there seems to be a kind of problem after installing the new firmware. I just transferred a new downloaded to the AK100. While scanning the library it halts with the bar at about 80%. The new number of songs is correct, but it is not able to finish the scanning ...
YES! At last it worked :)  I just updated the Firmware and I am now running 2.30 ... Besides the problem with the download, I must say I am very pleased that iRiver works so extensively with the Firmware. BTW: I got the leather case for free as an offer when I bought the AK100 from CDON here in Norway ... it is offers a real nice protection of the player.
 Well, this is my first really good IEM's, I think. Before I used an iPod Classic with AKG K340 IEM's. Of course the files are much better on the AK100. I have downloaded a Hi-Res version of Norah Jones' "Come Away with Me" 192KHz/24 bit. Listening to it with the AKR01 is a new world in portable listening for me. Compared to the AKG the AKR01 is much more open and gives much more room and space in the sound. So far I think the AK100 and the AKR01 are a good combination.
I have tried at least 10-15 times on different computers and different browsers. It is impossible so far to get the zip-file right. Now I am trying to download the 2.30 file. It is extremely slow for such a small file. According to the Ookla Speedtest, my net offers 87.63 Mbps download speed, so it should not take 15 Minutes or more. I have not experienced such a problem in many years :( ...
Hello to all.   I got my AK100 today together with the AKR01 IEMs. But the firmware is 1.20 and I want to update to 2.20. But I am not able to get the download right from the iRiver webpage. The zip-files normally stops before reaching the end. Is there any other place where I could get a download?   For any help, many thanks in advance, Arne Marco
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