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Thank you very much. Very helpful forum.
Can anybody help me?
Hi,   I'm looking for buy good headphones for my s:flo2 and stage piano Kawai MP-10 (i'm pianist). For now i have Brainwavz HM3 and with s:flo2 SQ is very nice but a little bit to cold (for example percussion). I want to buy headphones that will be generaly better with warmed tone color.  Brainwavz HM5 will be good? Or something different for a similar price? I listen to mostly alternative rock, post/experimental rock, indie rock. And of course headphones must be...
Please, help me
Hello, i just joined to Head-fi forum and i'm looking for help with buying of new earphones. First - i listen to music on Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Viper4Android app ( ) What i listen - ROCK, POST ROCK, ALTERNATIVE ROCK, INDIE ROCK, SOUNDTRACKS, INDIE POP, DRAMA/TRAILER MUSIC and a little bit Dubstep and Trip-Hop Several bands - COLDPLAY, MUSE, ALT-J, STATELESS, ARCADE FIRE, THE WOLFMOTHER FOSTER THE PEOPLE, SIGUR...
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