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I spent a lot of time with my new 50rps today. I was running them off a first gen x1 on near max volume it chugged a long pretty good. The sound I'm getting from there headphones is really amazing and eye opening on what I've been missing.
Does the new x1 have more amping power then the first gen?
 Thanks dude good to know,  a lot of the research I did before purchasing stated that to drive them a portable amp is recommended.  I figured I would give them a listen as is and then do a little research on an amp after buying.  I plugged them into my fiio X1 and to my ears (previously some fiio EX1 iems) they sounded great.  Also an Iphone 6s plus and LG G5 drove them to adequate listening levels.  Am i missing anything in regards to sound quality without a amp?
I have some what of a newb question about these headphones.  I just picked up a pair of T50rp mk3's and I find the pads that came with them actually comfortable.  I was wondering if a pad change is recommended because it improves the sound,  or if it only improves comfort?
I agree,  my fiio X1 doesn't have half the options of the new one and its fantastic for the price.  I will happily purchase the new one and probably never use the blue tooth.  As long as the navigation and sound are good,  its a win.
349$ !😎
Whats the expected release date?
I've been thinking about an upgrade to my M6 pro's and have always had my eye on the Shure E215.  Are their others in the same price range that offer better sound/build quality?
That sucks,  my X1 is like 2 weeks old
I am in the same boat as you and have been on the lookout for the last year or so.  The short answer is your correct,  there is no replacement for the Clip Zip.  I'm still using mine.  The long answer is your not out of luck however your going to have to sacrifice some some quality and rockbox for a small lightweight DAP for exercise.  The new sansa sport and jam,  the ipod shuffle and agptek clip are the only ligitimate options right now.  I just plan on using my clip zip...
New Posts  All Forums: