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Still eyeing this player.  How are owners enjoying theirs?
Thinking about picking up a new DAP for my vehicle.  I'm gonna be running it from a 3.5mm AUX cable for now.  Just wondering what everyone else is using?
I'm thinking about picking up this player. On of my requirements when purchasing new electronics is the ability to change the battery. Just wondering how easy it is to take it down and swap a battery should the need arise?
Ha sorry Canadian.
I have a barely used Fiio E11 with all the accessories and a spare unused battery charger.  Looking for $60 shipped.  May accept trades although I'm only in to portable audio.
I'm liking the sound of 80 gigs of space in a Clip Zip from factor. Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
My Samsung Note 8.0 has awesome sound quality and a micro SD slot. Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
I throw a pair of large triple flanges on most of my iem and these always seem to do the trick.
With some time off over the holidays I've decided to take on the task of properly tagging my music collection.  I've been collecting music on my PC for 15 years and I wasn't always as good about tagging my files properly as I am now.     Is there software out there that will scan and tag my files automatically or will at least make the job easier?
Thank you,  that was just the info was I hoping for. 
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