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 I hear more detail with a set of 400i's regardless of your lengthy post defending your purchase.  I was not judging any HP but merely giving an idea to a gentlemen that reported a problem.
 Its probably actually the recordings themselves,  the 400i's will pick up more detail then the HD600 including the distortion you never noticed before.
I use a dap/amp around the house,  mostly when I don't feel like sitting at my pc.  On the go its just iems or Sony 7506 plugged right into my phone.
How does the Q1 drive the he400i's?
Comes with all the original stuff as well as velour pads and a vmoda cable. Lightly modded to tune for bass (just cotton and electrical tape) very easily reversable. In very good condition, only selling cause I upgraded. Will trade for a USB DAC/AMP. Asking $100 USD Shipped
I haven't tried this I never really considered the sound signature changing. I travel often and was just considering bringing these along instead of my 7506. Only thing is on a bus or plane there is just to much leakage.
Is there any kind of cover that exists for the he400i grill that will temporarily changed them into a closed back?
Thanks for the quick reply.  So impossible to blow with a portable amp,  its good to know when letting friends try out your stuff.
I just received them and while I have only spent a a little time listening so far,  they really do have a "wow factor."  For the fellow asking about comparison between these and the mk3's,  they do have a similar sound.  Very similar actually to my ears.  The improvements for me are build quality,  slightly more detail and comfort and a ton more soundstage. (T50rp)     I do have somewhat of an obscure question.  Is there any information regarding the max...
Well I just pulled the trigger,  they were on sale in the great white north and I just couldn't resist.  I hope its an improvement on my mk3's.  I love the planar sound.
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