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I've been thinking about picking up a dragon fly black as a dac/amp on my laptop for my he400i's.  Should this be enough to power them properly?
will the dragonfly black power a pair of hifiman he400i's?
I've had a pair of Fiio EX1 (gen 1's) for about 6 months now and really enjoy them.  I'd have a little extra cash and would like to invest in a slightly more expensive pair or IEM's as I will be traveling for a long period of time soon.  I'm looking to spend around $100.  Ideally something with a nice punchy low end.
How do I get rid off this darn rattle during certain bass freq's on my right side?
So I purchased this cable as a shorty for my 400i's.  I figured all cables were the same as long as the connectors matched.  To my surprise the cable did not work.  I'm a little clueless as to why it wouldn't work if all the connectors are the same.
I'm thinking about ordering a pair of pads off ebay that appears to include the mounting rings as well.  Just wondering if anyone has ordered a pair off there and if they actually came with the mounting ring?
 I hear more detail with a set of 400i's regardless of your lengthy post defending your purchase.  I was not judging any HP but merely giving an idea to a gentlemen that reported a problem.
 Its probably actually the recordings themselves,  the 400i's will pick up more detail then the HD600 including the distortion you never noticed before.
I use a dap/amp around the house,  mostly when I don't feel like sitting at my pc.  On the go its just iems or Sony 7506 plugged right into my phone.
How does the Q1 drive the he400i's?
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