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Do you  mean the 5998s or are there true 6080s made by Tung Sol?  I know that the Mullards are 6080s I own them and they are very good indeed.   I like the Mullards as much as, or more than, anything else I have that can use including the vaunted Western Electric 421A.  I  would like to hear the GEC 6080s but I never see them for sale.   Also didn't Bendix make a compatible tube, they have their own numbering system, or so it seems.
This thread is for people  to tell others about their impressions of these HD700 headphones. I don't know if there was truly an "appreciation aspect" to the original intent.  I like them very much and hope most will be positive or at least balanced.  It is painful to read juvenile insults cast widely over the product.  I think it should be an appreciation thread, if it is possible to define the "impressions" more finely at this point.
I was curious to see which better over ear, on earetc.  headphones Walmart sells.  The answer,..... sorta none, the most expensive are Beats, they carry Sony, JVC, etc. but only lower price models.
I can tell you that the 6080 Sylvania with no affixes, are very good tubes indeed.  I think they are well worth seeking out, with the usual provisos. Try to get them with substantial/full gettering , I see so many really used up tubes these days it's frightening. I can also tell you prices are all over the map, I forget the exact amount I paid but they were somewhat more expensive than some of the other offerings. Good Luck hunting them down.
I am a 6SN7 addict and hoarder.  I have had many microphonic N7s but none that are noisy untouched etc.  If you have some microphonic tubes don't worry unless they create a feedback loop.. I would get Sylvania 6SN7WGTs again if that is the sound you liked and they are a good choice in my book.  Be aware though that the earliest namely the GTs are the most prone to be microphonic.  That said I still seek them and their ilk.
Me Too!! beautiful looking stack.
I have said this before that I never had trouble with excessive or sibilant treble with my HD700s.  I have only used tube amps but modern tube amps are not dark, they can and do convey crisp, clear even bright, holographic sound, in many cases.  If you don't want to break your bank I have been using a $79 single tube amp .  It is a Bravo Audio model V2.  I also use a SinglePower extreme.  If you go for the Bravo the stock 12AU7 is pretty good but rolling the tube helps...
Why would you think that today is supposed to beNew Egg's "Black Friday. Today is not Friday nor would there be any compelling reason for it to be black.  If there is some kind of storewide sale I don't understand it.  Is there a 20% off all items except the ones you actually want kind of sale,  or just a  "free Shipping" sale?  I will check back later with this we win you win sale if anyone knows what the discount really is.
I am new to HeadFi  but not to tubes.  I wanted to agree with this post and add some emphasis, saying it is crucial ,  correct and  important!
I still own 2 my own and my brothers cassette players both of the late 1970s vintage (1977).  They are Akai GXC 709Ds.  which was pretty hot stuff in those days but no Nakamichi, which is what we all lusted for.  My best friend at the time got the least expensive Nak. Who would have thought, that less than 10 years later, they would become dinosaurs.  To answer your question, no I don't listen to it. I haven't thrown them away either, just don't have my tapes anymore or...
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