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i had the same problem and i sent it RMA to iriver germany. I requested for Replacement with another brand new unit.they said that they will contact their HQ and come back to me. i'm waiting.My AK380 really miss me
PM also sent for the tubing material.  
Can this cable : https://trinityaudioengineering.com/products/pono-balanced-mmcx-multi-braid-cable Work with the IEM shure SE846 on Astell&KErn AK120II Normal output (3,5mm) or 2,5mm balanced output ?   Thanks
I got by new cable from Ted today, now waiting for the dampers in order to upgrade my SE846
Yes the linum balanced cable 2.5mm : is a great upgrade with AK120II.I have that cable with my se846 and i really like. 
You're true...In my case, My supplier has been very professional. i had 14 days to send back the DAP in case i didn't like it or it has a problem.Since the first day, i knew that there was some few problems on the DAP, but i decide to keep it and see with Iriver directly, as the DAP was totally new, and the supplier could not replace it. i could be only refund from the supplier.
Yes you're right, we were writing the message at the same time i think : i got RMA officers in Germany, and the ask me to send the DAP back (RMA).hope that i will get it back totally renewed, or replaced with a new unit.
Finally i sent the DAP this morning to Iriver office in Germany (RMA). I hope that the problem will be totally fixed or i will get back a another new DAP. i didn't sent the accessories : just the DAP and the guarantee Card, with purchase invoices.
I did it but it doesn't work.even i tried with my SD card 128 GB, which used to work fine with my AK120 II, but it does not work with the AK380. i have the same problems.Someone from AK asked me to email him. i did the, i'm waiting to see.Another issue : each time the DAP screen went off, even when playing music, impossible after to get the screen back, unless i do a reset.
Thanks so much! I will try that solution.
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