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Why don't we have a nice and clear picture of the earphones and the cable ? was trying to find out if it could work fine with AK players and also to see the termination.
thanks,it works but i have the playlist files in the root folder. so how to move them in playlist folder ?
Please tell me more.what is the .Pst ? because i dont have this kind of files in my foldersi have copied the Playlist folder with all it contents from the AK120 II to the root of the AK380 but when i open, the playlist files are presents, but with no contents.so could u give me more details on the way to proceed ?thanks
i had playlist files in my AK120 II.  Since i received the new AK380, i have copied all music files from the AK120II to the AK380 : keeping the same folders. then use the sd card with same files. Now : i want to copy the playlist files from my AK120II to AK380. when i copy, and open in the AK380 : the files are all empty, no content. How can i use the same playlist files on my AK380, so that i'm not obliged to build new playlist ? thanks sam 
Coming to confirm that the issue related to my AK380 has been completely solved by AK.They sent me a BRAND NEW AK380 with All the accessories.That new AK is really good it works fine.sam
1 month now i sent my AK380 for RMA to AK (germany)for replacement and up to now don't received the new DAP. is that normal ? i think no. i have sent them emails to request for news and approximative return date : non response.
You can contact directly Mr. Jara Anthony. if he is still there he will assist you Jara_Anthony@shure.comSara helped me Twice one year ago with my IEM SE846. i got the same issu twice with mine. and they replace them for free.sam
how many drivers do we have in each ear of Auglamour R8 ? i'm about to order this : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/100-Newest-Original-AUGLAMOUR-R8-In-Ear-Earphones-Ear-Hook-Metal-Earphones-Upgrade-HIFI-Headphones-DIY/32495451792.html what about the quality ? i have already Shure SE846. will the Auglamour R8 be better as the SE846 ? thanks
Definitively, the brown dampers are the best in my ear.
I'm selling both : AK120 II and mini AMP/DAC Centrance HiFi-M8 LX XL4.it drive fully my previous HD800.just tell me if interested, will propose excited price :-)sam
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