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where can we find these yellow foams in another color, like black color ? I really love them, but the color is my main issu. if could find them in another color, it would be top!
How flexible is this cable ? was looking for one like this for my SE846, but with 2.5mm TRRS balances for my AK DAP.is the cable really flexible ? wan we forget it when listening to music as it is written ?I'm want a very very supple, flexible cable..thanks
what is really wrong with the miter case ? many owners of that case ordered also the dignis and aesopica cases also ?
PM sent to you
Dignis and Aesopica leather cases for AK380 AMP (for the titanium model) which one is the best in term of design and quality ?
MINI DAC/AMP Portable Centrance HiFi-M8 LX XL4 http://www.tellementnomade.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14396
hi have modified my SE846 with knowles dampers specially brown color now. ​and the SQ is so amazing that even I was wondering if there any other IEM better than my SE846. For those who use the knowles dampers on their SE846, which IEM could be now a real upgrade ?
thanks, how many hours for the battery use of each AMP and DAP, using the se846 at that level ?any difference on battery consumption when the AMP Led is on or off ?
And with iem like se846?
which level do you use on the AMP with the DAP ? Hight level or low level ? the two levels don't have the same battery consumption.
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