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 The changes can be seen by the fact you have new font and the great SQ.
Do you listen the music on the DX90 on mango, or on rock box ? i mean when you got the rock box installed is the sound quality the same when using mango or rock box ?thxsam
i ave installed the international FW on my DX90.  when i select mango, i got the official UI of DX90. but when starting, when i select the Rockbox, i don't know how to play my music.   for your information : i don't have any music stocked on my internal memory, i have a sd card 128 GO, and all my music is stocked in that sd card.   Could you please help me with detailed process on how to play the music on the sd card using rockbox ?    it will be my first time to...
Would like to go for update, but when i realized that i will lose all my "playlists", i don't want, and i'm hesitating. could you tell me please how to save my playlist, and get them after the update of the new firmware ? thx in advance for your support sam
one concern, each time i do factory reset i loose my playlist file.  i'm a mac user, how can i save that file to avoid losing it ?   thanks in advance sam
Thank so much for your contribution,i have recontacted SHURE and they confirm me that they will send me NEW unit as soon as they received the defected one.I will keep the accessories : foam, filters .... , before sending back.something important, they will support the shipping cost :-)  sam
 i have contacted them, and they asked me to complete a form, then when i checked, it was a repair i got afraid.i don't want these new earphones to be repaired and returned to me, while i purchased them only few days ago now. can you confirm me that, i will received new and very new earphones ? also i read that i should keep all the accessories, and not send them, it means they will send me back earphones without accessories, how is that possible ?ok, what do you...
 Still have the same problem, even i have removed all the filters and play the music in order to compare the sound coming from the ears. i realized that the problem is still there even filters et other accessories connected. the right earphone is defective i think sam
Sure propose me to exchange with ''new'' earphoneand the supplier propose me refund and exchangeso i'm fearing, if i accept the exchange and it happens again with the new item, don't know what to do.i'm wondering wether many items were not defectives like mine
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