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Copper will remain the topic all! None coming DAP will reach its SQ performs.
Commander one pro :  I'm using this one on my Mac Pro (copy, delete, move, rename ...)
hi  is rosie ( an upgrade compared to se846 ?
How many GB do we effectively have, and which is useful with Micro SD Card of 256 GB (scan disk or samsung) with the AK Dap ?
you can find more information here :
This is a commercial argument! really you could work with them . they will  now cross hands and add that to the next flagship. I'm sure if they want they can release a firmware to allow MQA on at least AK300 series .... 
Hi I need help for my combo CU  I use this product to protect the AMP : HG protection for copper: and now I have seen that it doesn't look nice, and I want to completely remove it. they said to use acetone to remove it but I have tried and can't remove it. can you help me please ? thanks 
none advice ?
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