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I was Lucky, because i ordered and paid mine without Tax. this is very exceptional, It doesn't happened everyday.
Yes finally i decided and went for a Linum balanced for my SE846 : the sound is wonderfull. an amazing cable i can say.Yes and i'm using it with my AK120 II : the sound has changed ... on lower volume, i can hear all instruments and sound.Very fantastic cable.I recommend.sam
Hello,   I'm looking for a new cable to improve my SQ for IEM Shure SE846, termination Balanced TRSS 2.5 mm for AK120II What can you exactly advise me as linum or anything else ? Please give me web site link to see. thank you in advance for your advices sam
I also face to the same problem with my AK120Titan. With the AK120II, the artwork appears, but not the artist name and genre of music for all music in AIFF, those music in AIFF format comes from Qobuz. Please we need helps Thanks
Unbelievable !!!!!!!
Do you know how is that cable with Shure SE846? I'm thinking if i can order one balanced for my earphones
How do we know if a cable is balanced ? I'm a bit confused now.When you have a cable with a balanced 4 PIN XLS termination is that cable balanced, could you confirm that ?thx
I highly recommend Charleston cable : Good quality build and large improvement on the sound quality. there is an important difference with the stock cable in term of sound and quality. i order one for my brand new H800. their customer service is one of the best i have ever deal with
Hello,   Could you advise me the type of cable i can order for my share SE846 ? Frank advice me : - Silver Widow 24 £230 or - the Silver Poison would be good £155.   But i really don't know these cable, so can you advice me the best cable (upgrade) for the SE846 ?
Hello I'm looking for a cable to upgrade the customs one for my earphones Shure SE846. i would like to use it with my AK120 II and AK120 : with a balanced TRS 2,5 mm termination. Which type of cable can you advice me ? can you give me also link to check ? Thanks
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