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thanks, i will check
Web site links please
Hi, I'm looking for the best cable 2.5mm with Shure SE846 to be used with AK380. I have this one : linum Balanced 2.5 TRSSit was very excellent with AK120II. But the sound quality is not good with AK380. Thanks in advanced for ur help sam
Normally i have 10 days to return the DAP if i dont like it.really the product is new, i could see that the i received it in the box. it had never been opened.t is possible as you said that the product passed long time in stock and the battery discharge by it self.so i will charge and use and see how it work.thanks
Hello, need help need help i received right now a said brand new AK380 from https://www.topachat.com/accueil/index.php i ordered it at 2.378 Euros. Everything seems new : But when i opened the box, and tried to put on the AK380 : impossible. i put in charge charge the DAP, then reapplied that the Battery was completely down. the  it started to charge : is that normal ? to see the battery completely down ? sam
Yes this is what i was really planing to do.But finally according to your feedback, and all questions, i realized that this adaptor is not useful, even it could be dangerous ...Thanks to all of your contributions, that allow me to avoid something that could damage my AK Devices.Regardssam
Do u know if this adaptor is fully compatible with AK120 II device ?  http://eud.dx.com/product/4-pin-2-5mm-to-3-5mm-stereo-audio-jack-convertor-844003541 i really wonder about the quality, if not it looks nice. thanks 
Congratulation, very nice combo!!!
Hi,   I have the opportunity to get a SXC 24 Earphone Cable for Shure SE846 from Alo Audio http://www.aloaudio.com/sxc-24-earphone-cable For 132 USD.  I was coming to ask if it is a good deal. If the sound will be better than with the stock cable. is it like day and night ? the termination is Balanced 2.5 mm. to be used with my AK120 II. I have already another cable for my SE846 : Linum® MMCX Balanced from http://www.linum.dk/webshop Which is good. But still looking...
Has been sold via other website.
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