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Not sure you really need a back up 6111 tube. I sure ALO Audio would  have a supply of these in-stock. Also in their literature they do mention because of the rated life of the tube, replacement is non issue.
Funny enough, I too have noticed a faint crackling on the right only while using IEM. I thought it was my hearing was off on my left ear. Its so slight that I do not find it distracting.
thanks for the battery tip. I was able to get it back up to 7.5 hrs.
Thanks zorin for the info. I have notice a slight decrease in battery life, aprox. one hour shorter. Is the batter replaceable? I was surprised the amp did not come with a manual!
I have aprox. 250 hrs., I would let the battery run out. The sound improved at the 200 hr mark. I am presently using Monster Copper turbine, but I have JH Audio JH13 on order.
I am using the Continental V3, with an iPod 5.5g with the RWA iMod. Using IEM it has absolutely no hiss, dead quiet, even right out of the box. It did take a burn in for either the iMod or the V3 to come to life.
Just noticed ALO The Continental V3 is no longer available. Does anyone know why?
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