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Been quite a while since I've posted here.  Happy with all of my gear so I decided to not get "upgrade-itis" and stay away. Anyways, I've got a new laptop now for work.  I've installed my DAC, an old CORDA 3MOVE.  I stream a lot of music from Google Music these days so I needed to install an EQ.  I really like Equalizer APO with Peace UI over it.     All of this worked great with no issues on my old laptop!   Now I get this new laptop and theres software compression...
Yeah when I saw these this morning (sorry for not posting them sooner!) I knew there was no way I could pass them up.  Aside from my Westone W2 IEM's that I actually needed to buy for stage IEM use, this is the first headphone purchase for me in over a year!  
Surprised there isn't a thread already...   Over on Musicians Friend the Stupid Deal of the Day is the Ultrasone PRO 650   http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
Quote: Originally Posted by ethan961 TheGearLab is in the US and could ship by courier or USPS Priority if you asked. They're one place that sells them, there are many others but they have the best price I know of. I bought mine from somewhere else for $200, but that was 20 days ago and I still don't have it. They took 12 days just to ship it out, so they aren't getting a nod from me. A W2 would trounce your ER6i with custom molds, but then you wouldn't...
All of the Westone products seem to use the same style of eartips of the etymotic's. I searched a bit and found that people recommend the W2 over the UM2 even though the UM2 is meant to be an on stage IEM. However since I wanted to keep it under $200 I am hesitating for more options... Plus the W2's seem hard to find. There aren't alot of retailers that have them which makes me wonder if I could get them delivered by Saturday at this point. The other thing that...
So I use my ER-6i's with our in-ear system at my church. Well today one of the cables went bad. I may try to get them re-cabled but I need something by next Sunday 3/21. Heres my question - I want to upgrade to something a little better. But I like the Etymotic Research tri-flange tips. I can't find anything else that has a dual balanced armature driver that has similiar tips. They all have the larger opening tips like the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Pro. Which I like...
AD700 Sold. Thanks,
Bump, still available. Please, if you have 0 posts and just joined the forum, I don't believe that you're not a scammer. So stop PM'ing me.
Bump, lowered prices.
For Sale Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones. These are virtually new. Probably only put at most 2 hours of total use. Never burned in. Sounds great but open headphones just aren't for me. Will ship in original package. SOLD Vintage (year unknown) Biamp EQ/110. 10 band EQ, rack mounting plates, balanced & unbalanced I/O. $40 All prices include shipping CONUS only please.
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