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OK then. Thanks for all the help guys. :)
Bumpity. Help me. :)
My phone's media volume goes from 1-10. On my Wicked Little Buds (16 ohms, 87 db), I only need the volume set to 7 it's loud enough even when outside. I use PowerAmp as my music player and the equalizer is set to Bass & Treble. But even if I turn the equalizer off, the output is still good.   When I tried out the Evos, I had to crank it up to 10 -- even with the equalizer on.
Ha, I should not have asked for a "technical" explanation (as I'm don't really have gifted ears). But I think I understand it a bit. Superlux HD681 Evo is rated at 32 Ohms, 98 DB. Would you suggest an amp to go with it? I'm thinking of pairing it with a FiiO E6. Thanks again guys.
Hi. I've always used in-ear headphones. I've had ones from Logitech, Superlux, and now Wicked Little Buds. Of them, I've liked my Superlux HD381 the most.   But I've been wanting to try the "big guns" recently, and decided I'd go with the Superlux HD681 Evos. So I went to my favorite audio store yesterday, but they're out of stock. There were test units though, and I was able to try their Evos, 668B, and 661, And even though I thought the Evos stood out, I've noticed...
I just asked the local retailer and they said their EVOs don't have extra velours. :( I guess I'll have to buy them separately. Thanks for all your help. :)
 Yeah, soundstage, I guess that's what I was looking for. I see. I've seen some reviews and the package did not come with extra velour pads with it. Also, did you run yours through burn in? If yes, for how long? Thanks again.
 Thanks, man. I appreciate the input. :)
Thank you, PurpleAngel. Guys, any other thoughts/opinions?
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