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 Just curious... what gave you the wow experience? Can you remember that setup? Was it headphone based or speaker based? What wowed you about it?
Well how about the Schiit Fulla II or the Audioquest Dragonfly Black? That leaves $150 for the headphones, and there are choices galore. My headphone knowledge is limited in this regard cause I am in a location where I dont get to listen to much, but popular options seem to be the new fostex RP3 series, the T40 and T50, AudioTechnica has the M40x and the M50x, and you might get the Senn HD598 for that price as it seems a new model is out to replace them. You also have the...
I have the Adcom GTP-502 and I use the tape out to my headphone amp. This leaves the two ouptuts of your preamp free for the speaker duties, and you have the preamp duties functioning for your headphone amplifier as well. I also use an old Paradigm Subwoofer crossover for the sub duties. There is really no need to upgrade unless you just want to. It is not hard to integrate everything with just a touch of ingenuity.
You are not new to head-fi, but sorry about your wallet... lol. On a more serious note though. i will just give my opinion here. The law of diminishing returns for me is personal. It is based on you. Some people just never hear the differences all that well. They are not accustomed to. You might love the AKG K181dj but hate the HD800. While you might hear the difference, you may not appreciate it based on your tastes and your listening habits. So who knows... someone...
 Wish granted, But it becomes soo light, it stays empty permanently and this leads to starvation and you becoming almost as light as your wallet, and your neck too feeble to support even the cheapest and lightest of headphones and your fingers too weak to write about it on Head-fi, forcing you to leave Head-fi forever.I wish all music was recorded to the highest standard with great fidelity and almost no compression.
 Any reason why you feel that the mojo is not a good DAC? Straight forward, I have only heard two dedicated DACs in my life, and both were of the budget variety. But from all of my reading, the Mojo seems to be one of the DACs to beat under US$1000. It is actually one of the DACs I am looking to upgrade to in the future, Also I am looking at the Mimby. Those are the two that have garnered my attention of late as an upgrade to my Modi Uber.DPS, Glad you made an amp...
 Wish Granted, But global warming melts the solar icecaps and your cycling trail and house are all under water forcing you to live on a 20 ft boat with no room to ride your bike.I wish I was wealthy enough to buy Hawaii from the US Government
sweet chair swing
flavored shark fin
 Wish Granted, But like The Ring, A man eating lion steps out of the picture and starts sizing you up for breakfast.I wish humans were imperious to sun burn and frost bite
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