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I wear glasses normally with the pm3 and have no issue with lack of bass. I guess it depends on the glasses?
Journeys always start somewhere. Glad to hear of your start. My first proper can was a rebadged Koss RadioShack on ear, which lead to a Senn HD497, then to Beyer DT235, AKG K81, Sony MDR-1R, and Oppo PM3. It also led me amp wise from a PA2v2 to Fiio E11k and Burson Soloist SL. Its been going now for about 14 years, and in between this, I have been buying speaker related stuff as well.   Mad journey yes. Cheap no. Lots of fun Yeah! D
Well I can only chime in on gear that I have, but I am enjoying my PM3 with Modi 2 Uber and Burson Soloist SL. I use it for movies, and music from my Mac Mini. Still falls in under your $1000 budget and I think the PM3 is very versatile for either home or portable use.    PM3 $400 Soloist SL MK1 used ~$300, MK2 $400 Schiit Modi 2 Uber $150.   There are cheaper options I am sure, the Magni 2 Uber as an amp for instance, and the Sennheiser HD600 is cheaper than the...
Hey.   did you make sure that the cable at the headphone side was or is properly seated? Pushed all the way in until you hear or feel it click?
Once you realize that sound is objective, you would realize that nobody could answer that question :) Someone might say that there iphone with some cheap earbuds is better than a highend portable stack, and you really cant doubt them because it is there opinion.   I might tell you that you need an AK380 with $2000 custom iems for the best sound and you might not like it anymore than what you already have. You might like it even less!!
  You ask a tough question with an easy answer. The answer is, in my opinion, what you listen to. Your favorite music or songs. Songs that you know by heart when that guitar or bass or brass will come in and you ply the air instruments to.... Sometimes, my test songs vary depending on what listening period I am in. There are times where I listen to EDM, there are times when its just Jazz, there are times when its alternative etc. But in my opinion, knowing a song inside...
Are you close to the Addicted to Audio stores in Melbourne or Sydney? Seeing that you are in Australia, and this store carries Audeze, Fostex Lake People, Burson and others. If they allow demoing, then give them a check and pair up the Burson with hard to drive headphones, and try different amps too. Always better to demo when you can. They may even have the Abyss.
just curious. I see in your profile you hava a Meridian Explorer. What is your opinion of the Meridian as an amp? Is it enough to drive the Fostex?
just curious, what headphone are you trying to drive? or is it you are trying to future proof yourself thinking that one day you may need to drive an Abyss or LCD-4 or HE-6?
ok. understood
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