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OK. I am bumping this thread. The reason being, lets seriously consider if a meet is possible. There was a Trini meet earlier this year. Any other  caribbean members interested in joining this meet and expanding it to a Caribbean meet? I would love to do that and hope others would be willing to do so as well.   So... Lets chime in here and see if we can make this thing a reality, a blast and annual thing.   Lets roll.   D
The part that u stated about the bass is one of my misgivings. How did you find the highs compared to the 7520.... another area of concern for me. I would like smoother cleaner and more extended highs.
I think you missed a great deal on the Soloist SL from Parts Connexion. They put it on Audiogon about a week ago and the listing is not there anymore. I think they were clearing old stock and selling for $425. Massdrop has it for $519 i think on a drop right now.
I listen to quite a few genres. Soul jazz rock alternative r and b classical electronic dance. Disco.... i have the 7520 with a burson soloist sl and a modi 2 uber. What improvements i am looking for over the 7520 is a smoother more extended treble and less upper bass bloat. l like the extension and impact off the bass. ... the mids are good... but not great. Maybe a bit richer and also smoother/cleaner.
I have none unfortunately. Wish i heard more but i am buying blind, so have tobeither trust impulse and instinct or reviews. I am hoping to bag a PM3 soon. If i get one ibwill see how it compares. Some heres say it is better than the sony...... that would be great if its so.
Looking to Buy the Oppo PM3.    I am in the caribbean, but have a US address that can be shipped to and I have Paypal.   Please pm me if you have any available in good condition.   Thank You Dudlew
You know a few days ago, I decided to break out the 1R and give it a whirl, as I decided, these would be my portable cans and the 7520 my home cans... wel let me tell you.... I hated it. The midrange spike just killed it for me. It sounded shouty and harsh and agressive. And bass light on top of it. This is one phone I am going to let go. The 1R just is not for me anymore. Tastes change as we go along I guess.   D
I briefly demoed the 7506, and remembered that they sounded brighter with more treble presence than the 7520. The 7520 did sound like it was lacking the sparkle of the 7506, but the mids and bass were much fuller leading to the conclusion that the 7520 lack the treble extension of the 7506. Give it a bit of time and see how it goes.   D
Thats cool.   It would be nice to get that impression from you.   I am trying to decide on the purchase of an OPPO PM3. from the reviews, I think I would like this headphone. Not sure though. I am in different minds about so many things as to where to go next. I believe that bth a source upgrade and a headphone upgrade would be worthwhile to my system, but just bought the source a few months ago, so not willing to upgrade already. Looking more at the headphones.   D
Ok. That's good to know. I see in your profile you have two other amps. What are your opinions on them compared to the Soloist SL? in particular the Little Dot? D
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