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Did you make your own? or did you order them from a vendor?   I just ordered a cable from Surf Cables, but single ended. Will be a while before i go balanced.   D
Any particular reason it has to be a cd transport? can it be a media server or a PC as well? Or do you specifically want a cd player?
 Anxiously awaiting
If u go on the website.... go to customer service and select resellers. Then put in your zip code and radius from the zip code and that should give u the resellers in the area
You can try here:  http://www.thecableco.com/Product/NEW-Headphone-Lending-Library   This can be a good way to demo what you are interested in.
Do this test... pause the music, leave the headphones on and even turn up the volume a bit, and see if u still hear the noise. If u do then its the electronics.... if you dont. Its the recording.
This headphone just continues to surprise... Had my ipod on shuffle so the songs were random... and On The Couch from Prince's Musicology album came on and the bassline struck. ..... my my my.... was so unexpected I got a surprise. But its not just the bass. In doing a comparison with the 7520, I was listenong to a song and the sony was basically neck and neck with the oppo with its bass advantage butbwith the oppo itvqasbjust better. It qas more holographic and...
A solution is to gt a preamp with a tape loop. Its how I am running my setup now. Dac to preamp. Preamp to speaker amp,. Preamp tapeout to headphone amp. Works for me. The tape outs act as a non variable output and bypasses all tone controls etc of the pre. So in theory. This allows u to daisy chain the preamps.
Find th eother speaker.   That would help the speaker sound for sure.
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