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You know,   I have seen some recent meet coverage  over the last year and all, but never heard of anyone going with their 7520 or stating that they listened to it and were impressed or disappointed...   This would have been great to read about or hear. Always hear people talk about the Mad Dogs, the HifiMans the HD800s and $800+ cans, but not where I guess most people will probably spend their hard earned cash... between $100 -$500... at least in my opinion.   The...
 Cool.  When u plan that one, Can u give a heads up? I would really like to attend. I know gear wise I dont have much, but growing slowly. Might have some extra pieces of gear by then. 
Ahh... I regard Trinidad as my second home. I studied there at UWI. And have a few friends and family there. That was great you guys having a meet. Wish I was there. Looking at the photos, I was trying to piece together where the meet was held, but was at a loss. Care to say which part of TnT the meet was held?
Quick Question,   Does anyone here have bothe the Denon MM400 and the Sony 7520? It would be interesting as to your thoughts on these two phones and how they compare.   Thanks
"Sony MDR-1R Like most sealed headphones, the Sony MDR-1R has a somewhat uneven frequency response. Bass response is probably the biggest problem suffering from a lack of extension into the lowest octave and being a bit bloated in the mid-bass. The mid-range is good, but has a slightly emphasized upper-mid making the sound, especially of female vocals, present and forward, though pleasantly so. The treble is very well behaved delivering good clarity and very little, if...
you have a lot of options and I think u have gotten good advice from DrKC.    Dont forget about the new E11K which from all reports is a more neutral and open sounding amp from the original E11. I have one and I like it quite a bit. My experience with amps is very limited between the E11k and the PA2v2. I prefer the E11k, but it was close. The E11k sounding more neutral with better extension on both ends while the PA2v2 sounded warmer and a bit fuller, not as...  this is what I have for my ipod touch 3g
It would be double amping, and from your description, even though you are doing that from the sansa clip etc, it sounds like the marantz headphone out has considerably more power. I do think it would be better doing it from the rca jacks at the rear. I have actually done that with my player as well and it worked well. I do have the benefit of having multiple outputs from my player though, so I didnt have to disconnect anything.
Well in my opinion, its best to run from the 'line out' on the back of the cd player to the amp, just like you would hook it up to a receiver or an integrated or a preamp. I think that would be double amping and might not be as good as from the line out.
Not sure if there is a better way to clean it, but turning the pot up and down for a while eliminates the scratching at least for a little while. No music needs to be playing. just turn up and down quickly with the amp on and you will hear it get less scratchy until its virtually gone.
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