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  I did mention this a few posts back, and if you are so interested, you can slightly decrease the bass a touch.... maybe more to your liking with just a wisp of cotton fibre in the cups. Seems a lot of people are afraid to try this, but I really found this to give the impression of just a very slight reduction in bass quantity and a slight increase... at least to me... in speed and texture as well. Use too much and you end up with a mid recessed sounding dry and bass...
My natural curiosity is side tracking this thread.... Back on track....   So far, we have unearthed three members of the Caribbean. A vincy (me) a Bajan (briguy78) and a Bahamian (digitallc). Anyone else? It would be really nice to get to know you guys... and not just gear wise.
Hey. Thanks for that info. I know the NAD is highly regarded, probably quite similar to the Sony MDR-7520 with maybe a bit less bass, slightly stronger mids and better soundstage. Thats why I asked your opinion of that headphone using your amps. I am running mine out of a lowly Fiio E11K and am enjoying it. The reason why I am in so much doubt and confusion as well is that I am considering an audio interface to try and get myself back into writing and recording music. So...
  I have an idea where you are coming from, but its a hard point to argue. My point of view is that you would have. These astronomical prices are to ring the last pico ounce of performance out so that you get closer to the real thing. It is about the audio. You also pay for the builders' ingenuity, time, effort, and material costs, but that is in all things. Yes you pay for the name and the prestige as well, buts that is with everything. Its like telling me that by buying...  you were saying?? 
Thanks for the response.... sounds like you favour the IDSD over the rest. I will look into that one or the non DSD one as to be honest.... I dont think I will go that route.I plan to check out the non dsd dac and also the adl gt40. I'll pair it with my mac mini and flac files or 320 kbps mp3. I usually use my ipod with lod as my source most of the times but I just hooked up my e11k to my home cd player and the difference is substantial. The ipod is good for portable use...
Hey Nice to see another caribbean member. I cant answer your question at all as I have never used the Hugo, but I am interested in what your favourite amp with the HP50 is...I see that you have some amps that I have looked at.... like the Lake People and the ifi I-Micro and even the Meridian Explorer, and would love to get your views and opinions on them with your NAD HP50.
whew!!! You went for the big guns.... Nowhere near that league.... Would love to get a chance to hear a setup like that. One day..... I am looking along the lines of an ADL GT40 as a desktop amp. But have so many thoughts running around my head i never know what I will end up with.
  I would agree here.... I have had people even refuse to try my 7520s cause they were too big. I loaned a friend my portable rig with the headphones and LOD and they plugged the dock out, bypassed the amp and plugged in their buds.
$1,000,000 for you is close to $3,000,000 for me. I can build a seriously nice house for US$500,000 then spend $150,000 on the stereo/home theatre and $150,000 on the studio. Leaves me $200,000 to buy a sweet car and travel some.
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