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 So you'd prefer Dio bite Vanilla Ice?  I know Araki said Dio is bisexual but I don't think that would fly even in a magazine with as much homoerotic undertones as WSJ.  Now that I mention it, if they ever adapt Part 6 I wonder how they'd show the bedroom scene between Dio and Pucci. This episode is one I wish they didn't follow the manga so faithfully, as the part with Suzy Q was really out of place with the rest of the episode.  Also leave only 4 episodes to cover Dio's...
Quote: I have a loaner PM3, so maybe this is an earlier "prototype"?  I find it hard to believe they would use a prototype pad for their tour though.  I definitely feel that the padding could have been denser, like the B&W P7, whereas the softness of the pad is more like that of the NAD HP50 which I hated due to the comfort.
I find the cups to lack enough depth for my ears.  After a while my ears would get sore from touching the driver.  The headband is also a bit under-padded for a fairly heavy portable headphone.  My ears are average-smaller sized and the cups have enough height for them, but I'd imagine there are plenty of people with bigger ears would have trouble with it.   For closed headphones, the MDR-1R/1A, MDR-Z7, and the Fostex TH900/600 are all leagues above the PM3 in comfort.
On this week's Jojo, featuring Vanirra Ice, schiit really hits the fan.  They really trolled the people who haven't read the manga with that ending.
How does the TransDAC compare to the lower Theta DACs like the Basic?
I had the RE400 for 6 months and no problems with strain relief so far, however the cable and housing conducts static like mad.  If it weren't for that I'd be quite happy with this IEM for a long time.  Now I'm looking to get a pair of UERMs when they go on sale again.
I have a Meier Stepdance which is missing a volume knob.  So I searched online and got one that was the closest in measurement to the protruding axle.  However upon receiving it the knob inner diameter was a bit too wide.  What should use to help fix the knob onto the axle?  Will normal superglue work or do I have to get some epoxy?
1) Pittsburgh, US 2)at home: Hifiman HE560, Sennheiser HD650.  portable: Hifiman RE400, Soundmagic HP100 3)Fiio X3 4)home: Yulong A18.  portable: Cayin C5 5)Jazz, pop, post punk, new wave 6)Head Fi 7)None yet, will write one for the Fiio X3 II as part of their loaner program 8) A small, affordable portable transport with a SD slot and a decent UI (capable of Rockboxed) to feed a digital signal into other DACs, such as a portable DAC/Amp unit
Recently bought Geek Out 450.  Has less than 20 hours on it.  Includes original case, pouch, and USB cable.  Includes Paypal fee and free shipping to US.     edit: transaction pending
Valkryia Chronicles - I love tactical RPGs like Tactics Ogre and Shining Force, so this right up my alley.  The 3rd person shooter perspective is a refreshing twist.  I wish the map view offered more of a 3D view of the field to better plan your moves instead of having to select a character only to realize the terrain hindered what you wanted to do.  Also some of the levels are somewhat poorly designed as being extremely easy if you use a certain strategy or extremely hard...
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