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It's a bit stiffer than the HP150 stock cable imo, and much stiffer than your generic 3.5mm cable. you can get the same cable here for much less:
I've bought that cable on Ebay and it was nowhere near $30 ($17, which imo was still too much money).  The biggest problem with that cable is that it's stiff and very microphonic.
I got it work by using a 3.5mm to coaxial adapter from my Fiio X3.  Now it feeds digital through it to my dac.  Btw, do I need to use Creative ALchemy to enable EAX while gaming?
Thanks, I connected a coaxial cable to the Audigy using an 3.5mm adapter from my X3.  Now it works great!
Anyone know a good cheap soundcard for output binaural signal to an external DAC through coaxial or optical cable?  I have a Audigy SE but it seems to use a 3.5mm digital output, so I might return it.
Does anyone have experience with SoundBlaster Audigy SE?  I bought it because Newegg says it has a S/PDIF output, which I wanted to feed to my D100 Dac after adding CMSS processing.  The D100 takes optical and coaxial inputs, but the card's outputs are all 3.5mm.  Is there a way to connect the digital 3.5mm output on the Audigy to my DAC?  If not, I'm going to return the card and get something else with a coaxial/optical output.  What's the cheapest soundcard that can do...
That's normal.  The Altone is really sensitive and most sensitive headphones will get hiss on high gain.  Just use low gain with it.
I've had both the E12 and C5.  I didn't get to compare them directly but imo the C5 is easily better due to having much less hiss and much more spacious sounding.  That said, if I were you I would use that money to upgrade to the HD600 or HD650.  The X1 should be okay driving those 300ohm cans but later on you can get a desktop amp like a Magni 2 or Vali to drive it properly.
Vocals sound kind of distant and off on the HE400, for that budget I would rather get the Q701.  If you can stretch your budget you should try to find a mint condition HD600 on the classifieds for around $230-$250.
The MDR-1R (and its variants) is the most comfortable portable closed headphone I've tried.  YMMV of course.
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