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I'm guessing that the HE560 is the "remarkably balanced"?
The presentation these are pretty interesting.  Certain instruments sound distant while others feel like they are in your head.  It's pretty impressive for an iem, though it still is no match compared to the size of full sized headphones.
Like I said it was with the Melec double flanges, with the foam tips the bass is woofer-like.
Really wish the housing on this thing is smaller, they sound great but I can't wear them for too long.  I tried Melec double flanges that I normally prefer but it was kind of lacking in bass.  The included foam tips sound the best to me.
 Nice review, don't agree with the HD650 comparison as I find the Senn to be much darker than the balanced HE560.
Don't know about the Sansa Clip, but I did a comparison between my X3 and S4 using A161p iems (easy to drive), and the SG4 was significantly thinner and airier sounding than the X3.
So have you actually compared the HD650 with different amps and sources?  What difference was there?
The HP100 isn't hard to drive, well recorded music is more important as it's not very forgiving to lousy recordings.  A cheap portable amp will suffice imo.  Now if you plan on getting a harder to drive headphone in the future you can invest in a desktop amp/dac.  The NFB-15 has gotten a lot of good reviews.
I think you mixed up the two, the HP50 is the more neutral can (P7 is v-shaped), it's still a bit warm for my tastes but the mids and bass are great for a portable, if only it had the beautifully extended treble and soundstage of the P7, and most importantly if it was comfortable I would not have returned mine.
already did, see this post
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