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The X3 or X5 also have line out and digital output which allows you use it as transport to feed to an external dac or amplifier.  X1 has line out but no digital out.
I would not recommend the E12 for easy to drive headphones like the M50 since it has a high noise floor.  It should pair well with the HD598 though.
I wouldn't spend too much money on daps/amps assuming you are getting a portable headphone/IEM, they are usually easy to drive.  Allocate most of your money on the best headphone you can get.  If you are getting a very sensitive IEM (such as most CIEMs) just make sure your dap/amp has very low output impedance (~1ohm) and no noise floor.
The HE-400 is a dark headphone with a recessed upper midrange/lower treble.  HD650 is also dark but has balanced upper mids and lacks the treble peaks that plague the HE400.
Also if you live in the US you can borrow headphones (and amps and dacs) for a fee from The Cable Company.
There aren't many (if any) $1000+ closed headphones on the market that can compete with the $1000+ open headphones.  Maybe a CIEM might meet both of your needs.  With your budget I suggest you try to travel to a head-fi meet near you and see which headphones meet your needs and taste the most.  Comfort especially is so subjective that you don't know how it is unless you actually try the headphone in person.
The E12 should be fine, I'll be getting a Cayin C5 which supposed be even more powerful than the E12. In truth a lot of portable amps and daps with decent built in amps can get it to play loud without clipping or distorting.
When did I say that my D100 drove the HE560 perfectly?  I said it drove it competently and that the difference between it and a higher end amp is minimal compared to upgrading the headphone.  You are the one who contradicted yourself by saying that a $200 amp cannot make the HE560 sound good (when you haven't even heard it, but lets just use the HE500 for the sake of argument) and then saying that the M-Stage drove the HE-500 well.
First of all, have you heard the HE-560, especially on a $200 amp?  I have, and just for comparison, my HE-560 is driven quite well by my Yulong D100 which can be found used for $200-$250.  (It even performs admirably with my X3 and Stepdance)  I would take this setup anyday over a HD650 paired with my Yulong A18 (about $550-600 used).  In reality all the stuff said about how much power the HE560 needs to perform competently is grossly exaggerated.
Considering that different amps/dacs makes minimal sonic difference compared to different headphones.  It's far more cost effective to spend most of your money on headphones instead of investing more evenly in your rig.
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