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I must have gotten a really good pair. Mine has lasted more than a year and is in mint condition under frequent use.
You don't factor in the cost for Windows 10?
couple of films I saw recently in the theater The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums - one of Mizoguchi's most masterful films technically, as well as one of his most romantic. However I still prefer Naruse's more realistic portrayal of women rather than Mizoguchi's self-effacing heroines. Cemetery of Splendour - Very good, though maybe not as entrancing as some of Joe's previous films which were more influenced by classic American avant garde cinema.
Does this have the inline mic and controls for idevices?
Hi Joker, a friend needs a IEM partly for running.  It needs to have good isolation, in-line mic and iphone controls, and be under $80.  I'm guessing it needs to be fairly comfortable, durable, and be able to worn over ear.  I've looked at some choices that fall under the criteria, which include:   UE600vi trinity hyperion or techne A151p 2nd gen RE400i Etymotic er7/mc3 Fidue a65   Do you think any of these are a good fit, or have any better recommendations?  Thanks!
Right most light is white for balanced and red for SE correct?  My XLR output has only sound when the light is red.
Just picked up mine this evening from Fedex.  Is the amp supposed to come with any accessories like power cable and warranty?  Mine just had the amp and a card with link to the online manual.
The backtracking in BL2 contributed to much of the repetitiveness. Also the combat takes the worst aspects of ARPGs and puts them in a FPS and it made the gameplay tedious.
Never had any issues with my RE400's tonal balance (not far off from the UERM), isolation (pretty decent for a dynamic IEM), or fit (could wear it for hours without discomfort).
Brand New Unopened LHLabs Geek Pulse - this is the basic unit.  I can post pictures of the unit but I'll have to open the box.
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