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If you have the desk space, you should try the JBL LSR305 which are active studio monitors.  A pair new goes for $240.  Spend the rest on the cable to connect to your computer.  Only drawback is you'll have to use the computer volume control to change volume unless you get a passive preamp.
My RE400 shocks my ears when the cable catches static, no sure about the crackling noise.  Otherwise it sounds just fine.  I contacted Hifiman and they said it's not a defect.
Get a HM601LE (or any other variation of the line), which has a SD card slot that you can use a 256 GB card with.  The stock UI sucks but it can be rockboxed.  I think you can still get it with a RE400 for $150 from Razordog, which is a very good deal.
same as the T50rp, need an amp for it to sound good.  You are best off getting the HP150 since they aren't that hard to drive, though they do scale up with better amplification.
The Zoro HD was my first decent headphone, compared to higher end headphones they are congested and a bit grainy, but for the price they are very good.  The Zoro HD II came out recently and fall in your budget.  Some early reviews say that they are an improvement over the original Zoro HD.   On-ear Momentums can be had for about $90-100 nowadays, not sure how they compare against the Zoros.   I had the UE6000 briefly, they were better built than the Zoro but mine was...
 I think I joined the original Indiegogo campaign at around Dec 2013-Jan 2014.  Is that batch 1?
Are all the vanilla Pulse delivered?  I'm still waiting for mine to ship.
I have the HE560 and it's easily the best (and most expensive) headphone I've ever owned.  I feel no need to upgrade it anytime soon.  I think the only true upgrade over this would be the Abyss, SR007/SR009, or the unreleased HE1000 which are all way out of my price range.
The HE400 is definitely not neutral nor natural sounding.  Its soundstage is not very large for an open headphone.
If you are looking for isolation, TH900 won't give you that as they are semi-open.
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