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I've bought lots of stuff from them. No complaints here!
Yes, I have. It's why I've owned so many mp4nation products. It might be too concise, though. I would like some longer or more personal opinions. I should have mentioned that I am currently more interested in headphones than earphones. If an earphone at the given price range will have better sound quality, I would rather have that, though.
I'm looking for something that won't be too troubling to carry with me. I mostly listen to music at my desktop and on an ancient freebie G1 iTouch that uses an LOD to output sound since the headphone jack is messed up. Isolation is preferred, but not really crucial. I listen to a lot of industrial, no-wave, hip-hop, and classical/traditional music. I do have music from many other genres (I've been trying to get into j/k-pop), though, so I think I would like something...
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