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(Two years later, again) Hello there, living stones   Passengers / Original Soundtracks 1: Best U2 album in my opinion. Totally fell in love with this one, specially "Miss Sarajevo", "United Colours", "Theme from lets go native"... Brian Eno has done an amazing work with U2 here.
Which headphones do you own? I looked into Vali as well but since grados have low impedance I don't know if it's going to be a good pair.
Maybe Vali would perform better than magni since it has tubes, but it also its a high impedance amp, so I dont know...
Hello everyone, I am searching for my first amp/DAC. It's for my grados SR80s, I will upgrade to Alessandro MS2i soon. There is not much information about this ibasso model, but I plan to buy it with Hiflight OPAMP to add some warmth. Or maybe buy the Schiit stack which has very good reputation on this website. I mostly listen to Rock, (instrumental, alternative, indie, etc) Which one is better under these cirncumstances? Any advice or recommendation is very welcome
How is the vali paired with HD600, Alessandro MS2 and sr325i? Wich is better for rock (alternative/indie).
The D7 is suitable for SR80i and MS2? Does it adds warmth? How it is compared to the D42 mamba and the schiit stack (vali/modi combo)
Anyone has compared this with the schiit Magni/modi or vali/modi combo? I want to get this device for my SR80i and MS2 but don't know if this amp/dac is suitable for them. Does it adds warmth?
I am getting this amp with the modi. How will it perform paired with SR80i and ms2? This amp adds warmth? I thaught it was better to get the monoprice rca cables but they have really bad reputation about they don't fit. Anyone have tested them? Will I notice any difference between the PYST schiit USB cable and monoprice cable? Thanks
Excuse me, but how do I put that "top kit"? Where can I buy it?. I was thinking into getting a Vali/Modi (tube hybrid amp) DAC/amp from Schiit due to the lack of warmth with the D42/SR80i combo. I enjoy treble, that's why I buyed the grado. But more treble than it already has would be too much.PD: i'm getting a MS2i in near future, how would this perform with the iBasso? I read the Alessandro is more neutral than grado.Happy Christmas by the way!
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