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 I thought about it but I am not sure, I heard the Mini-Xs sound bright. I like the A2 sound signature. 
 Yeah, but I don't like the tubes. 
Can someone recommend a good SS amp (not very expensive) for the HE-500? Are the speaker amps better than the headphones amps for them? 
I just wish the Asgard 2 could provide more juice for my HE-500.  
I missed this thread. no activity since two weeks ago.  
  The HD650s are boring to me
The HD625, half HD650 (bass, middle) and half HD600 (mid/high, high) would be fine. 
 Yeah, I like this thought.
Sorry for the HE-500 owners (including me), the HE-560 is coming on March.  The HD800 vs HE-560 would be exciting.
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