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Thanks for the replies.   How come there's two optical cables then.   Back ages ago, I went into maplins and bought the cheapest optical cable they had. It worked fine for my 2.1 speakers, No issue. However, Trying it on my sony 5.1 I only get 2.1 sound passing through it, With the new cable that says on the back of the box "Supports 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound" it works, No issues there at all. Full 5.1 sound.   I guess am not that fussed about having lack of control...
Heya fokes, I have a few questions.   So, After 3 hours of trying to get my sony unit to work with my computer it all came down to having a lack of a 5.1 Optical cable. I thought they were all the same, But comparing the thickness of my optical cables I saw my issue.   So I have a BDV-E4100 Sony unit, 5.1 and 1000watt all wired into my Soundblaster soundcard via optical.   5.1 works amazingly, It's the best sound I've heard in a long time.   So to my few...
Hi all, I bought a sony home cinema system and I've got it working with my computer audio via the S/PDIF cable into my Soundblaster ZXR.   However, I can't get 5.1 to work right with this and I went to maplins and bought a toslink 5.1 digital cable and still can't get the soundblaster control panel to accept it but windows will use it and the sound works perfectly it just won't use the full 5.1 system the way it should. Can anyone help out? Thanks.
 I infact put a bigger soundblaster card in my computer and I can tell you it's improved the sound I get from my Game Zero headset. Not only that, But when compared to my HD 558's there's very little difference between them. That's my view anyway, Maybe am not attuned that much to the sound but yea. I think I prefer my Zero's over my 558's, Deffo moreso for gaming. 
Heya guys, I just got my new headset and love it. However, I feel my soundblaster Z just isn't giving me that juice I want and I want to be recommended a decent DAC that would work for these headsets, Keeping in mind the DAC needs to be plugged into my PC and maybe a MIC slot as well but just whatever, Could anyone recommend anything?  
 Now that's something I wanted to hear, Thank you Cel4145. I understand that a lot of people on this forum enjoy music and a select few prefer gaming which makes people slightly bias to AMP/DAC beats all. Which am sure it does as the price doubles on what I paid for my soundcard :P
But the soundcard "has" a built in amp and has more power than my headphones need, So I don't get how getting a AMP would do anything different? :P
 I can tell you now that I've had no issues with interference with my soundcard, The FIIO Amp used to mess with my mobile phone and everytime you turned the volume on it. Also the soundcard gives me access to a EQ, Which is what I wanted, I can increase the bass on these headphones! Also, I paid 50 for the FIIO which I will be reselling meaning I gain a lot of money back buying the soundcard. I can honestly say there's a 150% difference in sound from the FIIO amp to the...
Hi guys, Just been to the store and bought a Soundblaster Z, Since am a PC gamer and love my games (With awesome sound) I tought this would be a upgrade to the FIIO I used to use.   Keeping in mind I use a Sennheiser 558 headphones. So do you guys think its a upgrade? Cause I can already hear a huge difference :P  
I was also taking a look at the Creative Sound Blaster Zxr. Its just inside my price range.
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