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Thanks John. What is your opinion on the difference between the orange Star tips and the stock tips that it comes with? Do you have a link to purchase these star tips? Thanks for the help.
I just purchased the 4R's and the sound really is exquisite. I'm coming from the Ety ER-4S and the difference to me is night and day. The question I have is, while the tips that come with the 4R are fine, which tips would you guys suggest as being the best for the 4R that provide the fullest sound? Thanks in advance.
I own both the Ety 4S and the Westone 4R and, while I do use an amp (FiiO 17), I can say without a doubt the W4 is the superior product.  The 4S has tremendous treble clarity, but the bass is almost non-existent, leaving a very unfulfilling sound.  The W4 has an amazing soundstage, a very full sound, a warm and quick bass, and the treble, while not quite as crisp as the Ety, is still a solid performer.  As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with the W4.
I noticed you said, "for the price."  What other amps would you suggest that are worth more money that are mobile in nature, i.e. I can carry it around without it being a complete nuisance?
Has anyone tried the Ety ER-4S with the JDS Labs cMoy Rechargeable Portable Headphone Amplifier?  I just purchased this amp and was wondering if anyone had tried it previously.  My source is an iPhone 4S.
I just had my first experience with the Beats by Dre headphones that a friend of mine has.  He paid $600 for these headphones and defends them until the end of the earth regarding the sound quality.  So I asked him for a test run and all I can say is, compared to the $270 Ety ER-4S that I recently purchased, there is ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY NO COMPARISON!  The Beats had way too much bass, which totally drowned out the mids and highs.  I couldn't get a good feel for the...
Got this recently and I can confirm I'm only getting a max of 2-3 hours use of the amp before it cuts out due to low battery.  The amp works well, but it decimates the battery and you can't seem to use the amp feature when you're wall charging.
I use Accudio on a jailbroken 4S with iOS 6.1 and I've only crashed once. Not sure why you guys had problems with it.
Yes, and I did that research and purchased the Etymotic Research ER-4S, which really are amazing earbuds. With that said, no offense taken.And you're right about the XCiter app, it merely was a sound "enhancer." As it is, even the Accudio app only has 6 bands, but the sound really seems remarkable.
bixby, How does my history have anything to do with my experience using different equalizer apps?  Open your mind a little, dude.  I understand it's easy to adopt the closed-mindedness that comes with posting on educational forums, but don't be so naive.   With that said, my review clearly stated that the Audio XCiter app had the best SOUND quality.  In terms of actual equalizer control, Accudio still maintains the top spot, even though the UI is less than stellar....
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